Stop talking during class

“No talking when I’m talking!”
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard my professors say this. It seems every time students have a conversation during class — no matter how quiet — the teachers always single them out to tell them to stop talking. You know what? I find this totally and completely…understandable.
Yeah, I’m siding with the professors on this one. It’s not because I’m a teacher’s pet. I’ll be more than happy to write about the policies professors have that I disagree with. However, I won’t criticize them for doing their jobs. I;m also annoyed by students who disrput the learning process by talking when they aren’t supposed to. Yet, that doesn’t stop me from hearing students say things like “Oh man, I was talking to Chad in class, and the teacher was all like ‘Stop talking!’ How rude.”
No, ignoring valuable lessons that you paid to learn so you can talk to your friend about sports is far more rude. Don’t blame professors for getting on your case for talking during class. Blame yourself for giving them a reason to.
Yes, I know socializing is an important part of college. There are many great times to do it: before class, after class, several feet away from class, really just about any time other than during class. Class time is meant for paying attention and learning- you know, that thing you paid to go to college to do. Whatever side conversations you’re having- weekend plans, gossip, last night’s episode of “Homeland”- can wait until later. If you want to get the most out of your academic experience, you should pay attention to what your professor, not your friend, is telling you.
If you absolutely have to talk to your friends about whatever during class, at least wait until an opportune time to do it, like during group discussions after you’ve completed your assignment. Just don’t do it when the professor is talking. These are very simple instructions, so make sure to follow them. Your professors and fellow students who do come to class to learn will thank you.

Nick Sestanovich can be reached at [email protected].