6lack album review


Free 6lack album cover. Photo courtesy of Common Grounds.

FREE 6LACK – 6lack

Rate: 3/5

If you are a fan of Frank Ocean, The Weeknd or Bryson Tiller, then 6lack’s music will have no trouble fitting into your Spotify playlists. While artists were releasing new albums left to right, an unknown artist released a hit debut album that is slowly making its way to the top.

Pronounced “black,” 6lack released his first single “PRBLMS,” in June 2016. Meanwhile, Rolling Stones named him one artist to look out for in November.

Free 6lack is an R&B/hip-hop album that was released Nov. 18, 2016, with 11 . Although there are no other artists making an appearance on this album, 6lack did take a beat from Future’s “Perky’s Calling” song, and made it his own “Ex-Calling.”

Not only does the album provide heartbreaking, alluring tracks with 6lack’s diaphanous voice, the visuals to this album fits perfectly. Yahoo interviewed 6lack himself regarding the album cover, which includes himself and a live bear sitting alongside him. 6lack said he wanted it to be a direct reflection or representation of who he is, which is something most artists should do. The colors are dark as they reflect the music in this album.

This album can definitely bring out low-spirited repressed feelings. Feelings that many might have forgotten about. With titles like “Luving U,” “Worst Luck” and “Ex-Calling,” it isn’t hard to tell that the album isn’t the happiest, and neither is 6lack.

Track eight, “Gettin’ Old” really helps show his vocal ability while simultaneously rapping and telling a story about wasting time. The album ends with a 9-minute track filled with an interlude and six minutes into the song, the music fades out and flows majestically. If you want to listen to how that might sound, it’s time to get to know 6lack and listen to the album.

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