Drunk sex: Let’s get it up, literally


Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Let’s be real — the two greatest pleasures in the world are margaritas and orgasms. Ok, maybe not exactly the two greatest pleasures but having crazy, drunk sex feels great, for many. Until a guy can’t get an erection.

It’s great and all, but let’s think about this.

Clothes are being thrown to the grounds of the room, a ton of fast tight grips, heavy breathing, and neck kisses. It seems like the night is going to go as planned until finally, after several annoying attempts, he says “Sorry. I’m having trouble getting hard right now.”

“Really? Are you kidding me? After all this dirty talk on what he’s going to do when we get to the bedroom, he says this?” This may be the only time to consider alcohol the enemy, to be honest.

Most erection problems are due to a combination of blood vessels, nerve, and psychological factors that can be brought on by drinking alcohol, Planned Parenthood says. The use of alcohol, or other drugs, can lead to having erection problems.

Alcohol isn’t always the issue, though. Moderate amounts of alcohol can help sexual activity, which is why so many people are keen on going home with someone after a night of drinking.

A urologist at the Men’s Clinic at UCLA found that excessive amounts of alcohol acts as a muscle relaxer, which can then inhibit a guy from getting an erection, but some men find that they perform better when there is a little bit of alcohol in their system since they let go of their emotional inhibitions.

I started two Twitter polls, one for guys and one for girls. For the guys. I asked, “Has there ever been a time where you’ve been intoxicated to the point where you were unable to get an erection?” There were 33 votes, with 52% yes and 48% no. For the girls, I asked, “Have you ever had sexual intercourse with a guy who was unable to get an erection because of how intoxicated he was?” There were 103 votes with 55% yes and 45% no.

There could be a bias in my followers, the amount of RT’s each tweet had and other factors, but these results came to a very close tie, even with the differing amount of votes.

Yes, this is a recurring situation that happens to plenty of couples ready to pounce on each other, but suddenly can’t.

Maybe drinking wine, which has less alcohol per ounce, can help with being able to have drunk sex. There are plenty of guys who refuse to drink wine due to the stigma that says it is a woman’s drink, but seriously guys, get over it. Never underestimate the power of wine.

Plus, if you’re a guy who can’t get hard due to the excessive amount of alcohol being consumed, it’s time to stop limiting your options and also considering your alcohol intake.

Ladies would probably enjoy drinking that glass of wine more than attempting to have sex with some drunk, soft guy, anyways.

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