Embracing unoriginal Halloween costumes


Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

It’s that time of year again where the once so innocent holiday has turned into a huge weekend getaway to the land of drunk, half-dressed college students.

OK, obviously not everyone takes part in this chaotic mess known as Chicoween, but let’s be honest, there is definitely a stigma of chaos that comes with Halloween and the choices of costumes.

With that being said, if someone wants to be a black cat or a nerd then let them be. These are easy costumes to make. People who shame other people for unoriginal costumes need to shut their mouths and mind their own business.

People shouldn’t be shamed for being busy yet also wanting to dress up. Not everyone has the time and money to think of crazy, individualistic costumes. If you do have that time and money to come up with four different, unique costumes, good for you, but don’t shame those who don’t.

This is a holiday event that doesn’t last for just that one Halloween day, but rather the whole weekend. College students typically plan for three or four different types of costumes.

From the looks of it, we have students planning their costumes, trying to think of those expenses while also balancing out school and midterms. That’s expensive.

Some people just want to dress up simply to stray away from being an outsider without a costume, which is why most people tend to grab whatever they can put together that’s already in their closet.

Let’s jump into the discussion of how sexist the idea of unoriginal costumes is. How many times have we heard how all the “basic girls” are dressed up as a nerd, Harley Quinn, an alien, a sexy teacher or a cat. All of these costumes aim at that great sex appeal. Looking for costumes means having the word “sexy” written before the actual name of the costume itself.

There are years where girls simultaneously decide to be the same thing only because it’s popular during that year. It doesn’t matter. If that’s what someone wants to dress up as then no one really has the right to stop anyone from being what they want to be. There is no reason to be concerned.

Halloween is a time to dress up, go out, be safe and have fun. Don’t ignore the stigma of costumes being sexist, don’t criticize people for wearing unoriginal costumes and don’t forget to go to Chipotle in your costume to get a $3 burrito.

Rachel Reyes can be reached at [email protected] or @rachhreyes on Twitter.