Phantom Thread is one of the best romance movies of the year


Daniel Day-Lewis ans Vicky Kreips in Phantom Thread. Courtesy of Focus Features.

An Academy Award nominee that critics have been raving about, “Phantom Thread,” is playing at the Pageant Theatre this week.

With its vibrant costume design and wonderful performances, “Phantom Thread” delivers one of the best romance films of the year.

Reynolds Woodcock, played by Daniel Day-Lewis, is a dressmaker living in 1950s London. Woodcock’s work is renowned across the world as he makes dresses for royalty and celebrities alike.

Woodcock is unmarried, as he feels marriage will deter him from concentrating on his craft. However, when Woodcock falls in love with a waitress named Alma, played by Vicky Krieps, he finds that his work and way of life is interrupted by his relationship.

Day-Lewis’ performance is outstanding. The delivery of his lines and the demeanor of an artistically-driven dressmaker sells this movie. From his previous work in “Gangs of New York” (2002), “There Will be Blood” (2007), and “Lincoln” (2012), Day-Lewis is known for making grand performances on screen, and “Phantom Thread” is no exception. Day-Lewis is nominated for best actor in a leading role at this year’s Academy Awards.

Reportedly, “Phantom Thread” is his last performance as an actor.

If true, Day-Lewis is certainly leaving with a final impressive performance.

Considering “Phantom Thread” revolves around a dressmaker, it’s no wonder that a lot of work went into the costume designs for this film. Costumer designer, Mark Bridges, brings some of the best dresses and costumes to the big screen.

Bridges, who has previously won best costume design at the Academy Awards for the film “The Artist” (2011), displays some lavish and artistic dresses, modeled by Alma.

The original score is another stand-out of this film. Jonny Greenwood, lead guitarist of Radiohead, composed a score that both compliments and establishes the tone of the film.

Throughout the film’s tension-filled scenes and more intimate moments, Greenwood’s score creates an atmosphere that captivates the audience.

Some of the dialogue in the first act seemed choppy and the dialogue for Krieps’ character came off as rushed or unfinished.

Despite its flaws, Phantom Thread is a very solid film that offers a lot of cinematic value.

On Jan. 23, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released their Academy Award nominees.

“Phantom Thread” received six nominations, including best picture, best director for Paul Thomas Anderson, and best actor for Daniel Day-Lewis.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

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