About this stylebook

The Orion created this stylebook for its staff members to use as a supplement to “The Associated Press Stylebook.” Always use “The Orion Stylebook” with “The Associated Press Stylebook” when deciding on word use.

“The Orion Stylebook” has two sections on word use: one section for general usage, such as e-mail and yardage, and one section for usage specific to Chico State, such as Butte Hall and CAVE.

Always refer to “The Associated Press Stylebook,” copy editors or faculty advisers if you have any questions on word use or style.

The original “The Orion Stylebook” was compiled and updated by students Richard Dal Porto III, Jan O’Farrill, Jon Knolle and Don Biasotti Jr., under the guidance of Dave Waddell and Glen Bleske. Subsequent editions have been updated by students and faculty.

The Orion Stylebook: A Reference For Consistency  15th Edition (2014)