Fall Semester 2015

The Orion is 40 years old. To some college students, that may seem old, but as newspapers go, even college newspapers, that’s young. Despite its relative youth, “The O” finds itself among the elite of the nation’s university newspapers. In 2005, The Orion was inducted into the Associated Collegiate Press Hall of Fame for its record of achievement. In addition to a mountain of other awards, The Orion has won the National Pacemaker award, the most prestigious honor in college journalism, 12 times since 1989. In addition, The Orion in 2009 won its second National Online Pacemaker.

The Orion is an interesting and successful mix of a journalism course and a student-managed newspaper. It functions here at Chico State in an environment, we believe, of unfettered freedom, with total student control of content decisions. Still, no operation of its sort can function well without rules and regulations. What follows is the newspaper’s staff manual, which, by its very nature, is forever a work in progress. The manual includes our mission statement, ethics code, libel manual, job descriptions, deadline information, etc. It’s important that all staff members read and understand its content, then send an email to the adviser affirming that they have.

For some students, the time “in the basement” is their most meaningful Chico State learning experience. We hope it is for you, but much will depend on the attitude and work ethic you bring to it.

Have a great semester and feel free to contact us at any time!

Risa Johnson
Orion editor-in-chief
[email protected]
Phone: (530) 898-5627


Mark Plenke
Orion faculty adviser
Office: Tehama 345
Phone: (530) 989-4782
Cell: (612) 615-5423