Vice President for Business and Finance leaves Chico State after one year


Vice President for Business and Finance Robbi Stivers departs from Chico State just after one year of service. Photo credit: Jason Halley

Vice President for Business and Finance Robbi Stivers no longer works for the university according to an email written by Chico State President Gayle Hutchinson Wednesday.

The following day, Stivers’ campus directory contact information was removed from Chico State’s website.

Hutchinson briefly mentioned Stivers’ no longer holding the position, at an Academic Senate meeting last Thursday, but she stated that his departure was a “personnel” matter so the details remain confidential. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Debra Larson gave the same response after the Academic Senate meeting concluded.

Media Relations Coordinator for the University Communication Sean Murphy also wrote in an email that the University couldn’t comment on Stivers’ departure because, “it’s a personnel matter.”

Stivers worked in the University of Tennessee system for over 16 years before coming to Chico State on May 1, 2017.

Hutchinson wrote in the email that the University would appoint an interim VP as soon as possible and a national search would take place with the assistance of the Academic Senate Chair Jed Wyrick and the Executive Management Evaluation and Development Committee Chair Chuck Zartman.

The interim will mark Chico State’s fourth vice president for business and finance in the last two years.

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