Shannon and the Clams headline show at Sierra Nevada’s Big Room


Cody Blanchard and Shannon Shaw performing during Shannon and the Clams’ headlining show at the Sierra Nevada Big Room. Photo credit: Angel Ortega

Shannon and the Clams, a rock quartet from Oakland, performed at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room Tuesday night.

The band consisted of member Shannon Shaw, vocals and bass, Cody Blanchard, vocals and guitar, Will Sprott, vocals and keyboards and Nate Mahan on drums.

Shannon and the Clams are currently signed to Easy Eye Sound, a record label founded by Dan Auerbach, the lead vocalist and guitarist for the Black Keys. They released their latest record, “Onion,” in 2018 under the label.

The evening began with an opening set from Trox and the Terribles, an up-and-coming rock band.

Shannon and the Clams followed and performed for a little over an hour. The crowd had people young and old in attendance.

During their set, Shannon and the Clams played songs spanning their entire discography including “The Boy” from their latest record, “Sleep Talk,” to “Ozma,” their most popular song on Spotify with over five million streams as of this publishing date. The Clams then performed a cover of Jefferson Airplane’s 1967 hit “White Rabbit” to close their set.

Following their performance of “White Rabbit,” Shannon and the Clams returned to the stage to perform an encore. During the encore, the Clams were performing songs that were of a much faster tempo than their previous songs in their set. Inspiring a mosh pit.

From left to right: Nate Mahan (drums), Cody Blanchard (guitar) and Shannon Shaw (bass). Photo credit: Angel Ortega

As far as live concert experiences go, especially for rock shows, mosh pits are a staple. Though moshing isn’t for everyone (mosh pits can be intense), entering one can elevate a concert-goer’s experience. This reporter willingly entered the mosh pit at Shannon and the Clams and almost broke his nose. He does not regret his actions.

Once the show had ended, Shaw and Blanchard stood at their merchandise table where they sold albums and T-shirts, and then went outside of the venue to sign autographs and take photos with fans.

Following their performance at the Sierra Nevada Big Room, Shannon and the Clams will embark as an opening act for Greta Van Fleet’s arena tour beginning on September 21 and ending in mid-October. Then, The Clams will play as the first opening act for The Black Keys’ “Let’s Rock” tour dates in November.

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