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Artist of the week Tara Killoran loves the process of creating and hot dogs

Tara Killoran is a sophomore graphic design major. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Mitchell Kret

April 17, 2018

Tara Killoran is a sophomore graphic design major with a very non-traditional viewpoint. She creates art for the sake of creating something real rather than to appeal to expectations she considers pretentious. Killoran finds inspiration from social media and has a lifelong dream of being friends with ra...

Artist of the Week: Marie Fox

Marie Fox is a Chico State student who uses fabrics as her main medium and incorporates her childhood memories into her works. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Mitchell Kret

April 11, 2018

Marie Fox is a fourth-year fine arts and art education major who incorporates fabrics, stitching and especially family memories into the drawing skills she learned through her memory-rich childhood. The 25 year old plans to start her teaching credentials program after finishing her Bachelor of Fine Ar...

Student brings Costa Rican influenced sounds to Chico

Alexis Green's influence comes from the sounds of Costa Rica.

Mitchell Kret

March 29, 2018

Alexis Green is a music student at Chico State. Green picked up playing the keyboard while she was in Costa Rica and has brought her sound inspirations pack to the states. Once other people started noticing her unique talents she began to produce more music for public audiences. Who are you? Who am I? I’m not ...

Printmaker finds inspiration in small rocks, emotions and strangers

Marisa Sergovia holds up one of her paintings. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Mitchell Kret

March 6, 2018

Marisa Sergovia is a third-year printmaking student with a passion for art education and studio arts. She hopes to one day teach art and encourage students to pursue anything that makes them happy. Q: Who are you? A: I think I’m a human, this is the start of my third year here as a transfer st...

Artist of the week: Hayden Duncan

Hayden Duncan is a 23-year-old recording arts student. He refers to gear as his console. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Nicole Henson and Mitchell Kret

February 28, 2018

How did you get started?I went to a bunch of EDM music festivals when I was 18, around 2012 or 2013, when the EDM bubble was kinda at its biggest, and I went to a few festivals and thought “this is pretty cool,” and the music didn’t seem that hard to make, little did I know. I was li...

Artist of the week: Martin Townsend

Local artist Martin Townsend presents one of his paintings. Photo credit: Sean Martens

February 13, 2018

“Art is a conversation that’s had when people look at it, absorb it and process it,” said Martin Townsend, a local artist. “They can then turn to another person and say ‘yeah’ or ‘nah, not feeling it,’ and there is a discussion where everyone’s viewpoint is valid.” Townsend aspires...

STRFKR and Reptaliens take over the Senator Theatre

Strfkr performed at the Senator Theater Monday night.

January 24, 2018

Nicole Henson and Sean Martens can be reached at [email protected] or @theorion_arts on Twitter.

KLEZ talks influences, inspiration and recent Swedish tour

Klez album art

Alejandra Solorio

October 11, 2017

Through tightly gripped hands, John Klezmer firmly grasps the handle of his guitar case. His untimely appearance with guitar in hand and belongings secured in a backpack almost carries the same amount of weight as the stories he's carried with him. From Chico to Sweden and back, this is the story of...

Inside Chico State’s up-and-coming Latino reggaeton artist: Chuma

Inside Chico State's up-and-coming Latino reggaeton artist: Chuma

Alejandra Solorio

September 27, 2017

The moment after he crafted his first song, he realized his potential. He couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat and, most definitely, couldn't stop creating music. This is Chuma. Christopher "Chuma" Zamora didn't always think he'd be a singer. It wasn't until he entered college that he'd consider being a reggae...

A snapshot into the life of a photographer

Draper smirks for self portrait.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Draper

Caitlyn Young

September 8, 2017 Chico State alumnus Aaron Draper talks about his journey through life before coming back to teach photography at Chico State. As a professional photographer, he is well-known for his project, Underexposed: a series of beautiful photographs...

Student chef whipping it for Chico

Student chef whipping it for Chico

Sophia Robledo-Borowy

September 3, 2017

Fourth-year Psychology student Wal Riek has big plans for his side job as a chef. This culinary arts enthusiast brought his soul food to the heart of Chico. Since the spring, Riek has been serving the students with a diverse assortment of foods for a low price, ranging around $5 per plate. His unofficial...

Upcoming fun at Summerfest of Chico

Highlights all activities the event will host.

Image Courtesy of Summerfest Chico

Alejandra Solorio

September 3, 2017

As the summer comes to a close, what better way to spend the last warm weeks than enjoying a cold beverage, live music and local food vendors? Jaime Perry, Marketing Director at Deer Creek Broadcasting, discussed the ins and outs of the 2017 Summerfest Chico in the following Q&A:What is Summerfest...

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