The Orion

This mural was created by muralist Siana Sonoquie on the side of the 1078 Gallery on Park Avenue. Photo by Erin Holve.

Environmental recovery means helping the underprivileged

Shae Pastrana, Opinion Columnist // February 25, 2021

Recent evictions of Chico’s homeless encampments are facing heavy criticism. While some argue that evictions are a good solution, others like myself would prefer a care-based system. Self-care, along...

Social Activism In Art

Social Activism In Art

Jessica Shippelhoute, Social Media Editor // February 23, 2021

A pair of red stiletto heels clicked in rhythm against the asphalt after the bright flash of the walk sign. Suddenly, a wolf-whistle pierced from a raised pickup truck shocked the woman out of the steady...

Photograph taken in Oroville, CA by Jessica Shippelhoute.

The Shutter-bye Effect

Jessica Shippelhoute, Opinion Columnist // February 17, 2021

The sun beat against the back of a flowered dress as it stuck to the little girl’s skin before disappearing behind a tall building. The squeaky black shoes gently tucked themselves under the church...

Photograph taken by Shae Pastrana. Depicts the exterior of the City of Chico Police Department on Friday 12th, 2021.

Police training won’t solve America’s mental health crisis

Shae Pastrana, Opinion Columnist // February 17, 2021

In 2017, a Chico man, Desmond Phillips, died at the hands of police responding to a mental health crisis. Concerned about his son’s symptoms, Phillips’ father called for paramedics. The situation...

Graphic by Erin Holve using Adobe Spark.

How national trauma endorses theories, not facts

Shae Pastrana, Opinion Columnist // February 8, 2021

QAnon’s online presence highlights the need to increase education of critical thinking skills. In this vulnerable time, society needs the benefit of both mental health care and public discourse. From...

A view of the Wildcat Recreation Center from the new outdoor gym

Exercise smarter, not harder, during the pandemic

Shae Pastrana, Reporter // February 3, 2021

We’ve all heard rumors about it, and many of us probably have it: “COVID weight.” The Boston Herald reported in December 2020 that 71 million Americans gained weight during the pandemic.  The...

The Urgency to Fight the Pandemic is gone, but it’s far from over

The Urgency to Fight the Pandemic is gone, but it’s far from over

Jack Lewis, Opinion Columnist // December 13, 2020

People seem to have given up on the battle to defeat coronavirus. With the nation nearing nine months of battling a terrifying disease, a lack of care and the introduction of cold weather are making a...

9 Easy steps to screen print at home

9 Easy steps to screen print at home

Melissa Joseph, Opinion Editor // December 11, 2020

Supplies! - A wood embroidery hoop  - Silk screen mesh - Screen filler - Ink - A scraper  Step 1. Plan and draw out your design.  Step 2. Stretch your silk screen...

Graphic made by Erin Holve

Dreaming of Christmas as Stay-At-Home Orders Go Into Effect

Erin Holve, Opinion Columnist // December 11, 2020

A new stay-at-home order revealed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom will enforce additional restrictions to five regions — Northern California, the Bay Area, Greater Sacramento, the San Joaquin Valley...

Part of Jeff Howse's extensive vinyl records collection

An audiophile’s relationship with vinyl and only vinyl

Melissa Joseph, Editor // December 10, 2020

A few dozen crates sat in the driveway of Jeff Howse’s house as the hum of a futuristic ’80s song swirled through the quiet neighborhood from his speakers. My ears warmed as I peeled through the crates...

Graphic made by Jack Lewis

California App Aims to Notify Users of Potential Coronavirus Exposure

Jack Lewis, Opinion Columnist // December 9, 2020

California’s COVID-19 cases are surging yet again. With the majority of the state shut down with stay at home orders and nearly 30,000 new cases announced Sunday, state officials have announced a new...

Graphic made by Jack Lewis

In First Interview since the Presidential Election, Bartiromo gives Trump a Free Pass

Jack Lewis, Opinion Columnist // December 6, 2020

President Donald J.Trump hasn’t done a whole lot since losing the election. He’s largely moved from the Oval Office to the residency, sulking and asking aides and advisors if they believe he had the...

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