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Business Manager

The Business Manager is responsible for developing, directing, managing and overseeing the business, marketing and operations vision, strategy and innovation plan of a news organization that is in constant evolution, implementing a transition to move it from a print-centric into a digital- and mobile-first content production news team.


  • Establish sales guidelines, staffing, training and managing the business and marketing department.
  • Set rates for all print, digital and mobile display ads.
  • Achieve weekly and monthly sales targets and performance for print, website, mobile and social media platforms with the ultimate ambition of growing traditional and non-traditional revenue and developing a new pipeline of digital revenue that supports the financial future of the student-run news program.
  • Seek out and evaluate new opportunities for leads, sales incentives and national advertising.
  • Recruit, evaluate, staff and train sales staff at the beginning of and during each semester.
  • Recruit and select PR/Marketing intern for each semester.
  • Collaborate and work closely with the adviser to ensure The Orion reflects business and operations processes and outcomes that mirror current trends in the media and advertising industry.
  • Establish pricing for new products and create marketing efforts for new products in conjunction with the PR/Marketing intern as budget allows.
  • Ultimately responsible for P&L and maintain business and operations expenses (including editorial) within budget.
  • Listen to advice on how to efficiently streamline operational costs that are in the best interest of the overall financial performance of the student-run media organization.
  • Conduct research regarding end-user and/or customer needs, desires and wants, and reporting to the rest of the business and news teams what customers say and how that might affect the overall packaging and strategic direction of The Orion.
  • Enforce deadlines and responsibilities of sales staff and impose grade penalties for missed deadlines and failure of responsibilities.
  • Perform mid-semester evaluations for business, marketing and sales representatives to track progress and receive input from staff.
  • Collaborate with the Editor-in-Chief and help enforce The Orion’s code of ethical conduct. The Orion Code of Ethics is included in The Orion staff handbook, to be distributed to all staff members prior to the initial publication of student publications and be available upon request. These ethics include responsibility, freedom of the press, independence, truth and accuracy, impartiality, fair play and diversity. These guidelines apply to the news, editorial, advertising and marketing content produced by the news organization.
  • Handles billing, payment processing and payroll with supervision of Orion advisers.
  • Ultimately responsible for ensuring and nurturing a professional, respectful and efficient working relationship between students and the adviser during and outside class, one that sets the standards of communication and interpersonal skills expected in the media and business employers will expect from students when seeking for internships and post-college careers.
  • Open office daily at 8 a.m., close daily at 5 p.m.

To apply, please email a cover letter and resume by Nov. 9 to adviser Diego Aparicio at [email protected] or call 530-898-4782.

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