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Cutting ties with coffee may be your most difficult breakup

A coffee on top of a table indicating this is another drink in this persons day. Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Rayanne Painter

September 26, 2018

If you’re anything like me, an 8 a.m. class is hell on earth.The ritual starts right when you wake up; that first cup of coffee hits your lips within minutes of rolling out of bed and, by the time you finish your morning classes or morning shift at work, you might be on your third or fourth cu...

Clean up, not lock up

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Julie Ramos

May 8, 2016

Like many other adolescents, I was taught in my early years that drugs were bad. School programs taught us an easy understanding of good versus bad: If it’s legal it’s good, and if it’s illegal it’s bad. The rules were simple. Stay in sync with the law and you would be OK. I ...

Coping without coffee

Veronica De La Cruz

Veronica De La Cruz

December 16, 2014

  Withdrawal symptoms begin within 24 hours of quitting. The first things one may notice is that the mind isn't clear, there's a lack of alertness and muscles ache despite an absence of strenuous activity. Then the worst part creeps up: the throbbing headache that keeps one from going on w...

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