The Orion

Featured Artist: Will Mobley

Will Mobley an up and coming BFA artist in Chico State. Photo credit: Hana Beaty

Abram Melendez and Hana Beaty

December 10, 2019

On Thursday, Chico State student Will Mobley presented his Bachelor of Fine Arts culminating exhibition. The exhibit, "Digicom," focused on the "13 faces" that control the current state of the internet and the misinformation that is spread throughout. The faces displayed were distorted digitally, d...

Artist of the week: Martin Townsend

Local artist Martin Townsend presents one of his paintings. Photo credit: Sean Martens

February 13, 2018

“Art is a conversation that’s had when people look at it, absorb it and process it,” said Martin Townsend, a local artist. “They can then turn to another person and say ‘yeah’ or ‘nah, not feeling it,’ and there is a discussion where everyone’s viewpoint is valid.” Townsend aspires...

César Chávez: Behind the art

ICE art piece by Oscar Guillen. Photo Courtesy: Oscar Gullen

Alejandra Fraga

April 2, 2017

Oscar Guillen, a local award-winning artist has been inspired by César Chávez throughout most of his life. Although Guillen was born in the state of Washington in 1979, and moving to Mexico shortly afterwards, he came back to the U.S. in 1991. But a part of Mexico never left him as he brought a...

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