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‘The Vagina Monologues’ spreads crucial messages about womanhood

Cast Members of the Vigina Monologues sitting down while on stage. Photo credit: Rayanne Painter

Rayanne Painter

February 18, 2019

There are few shows presented at Chico State that begin with cast members encouraging the audience to shout synonyms of “vagina” at the start of each performance.The Gender and Sexuality Equity Coalition and local acting talent hosted their annual performance of Eve Ensler’s “Th...

Chico artists successfully revamp Madonna smash hits

Ending the first act with a bang Photo credit: Mathew Boe

Rayanne Painter

January 30, 2019

The sass of Madonna and the raw talent of Uncle Dad’s Art Collective joined forces for a fiery opening night. Filled with all of Madonna’s classic hits from “Material Girl” to “Like a Prayer,” musicians, vocalists and dancers collaborated beautifully to commemorate co...

Video: The Orion Newscast Dec. 12

The Orion. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Natalie Hanson and Christian Solis

December 12, 2018

Debate competitions, the Glorious Sounds of the Season concert, basketball wins, and fire preparation workshops - check out what happened last week on The Orion's newscast for Dec. 12.The Glorious Sounds of the Season concertWildcat of the Week McKenna Barker Basketball wins of the weekend Chico State professor d...

Healing through the arts

getty Images by Witthaya Prasongsin.

Rachael Bayuk

October 25, 2018

In today's fast-paced tech world, schools are throwing out the arts for the science. While no one can debate math and science's importance in this new age, we can not leave behind the arts. Even if one is not considering art as a craft, the arts still play a vital role in character development and stres...

Painting class offers students a rewarding creative outlet

Students imitate famous paintings in the Intro to Painting class. Photo credit: Grant Schmieding

Grant Schmieding

October 21, 2018

Nearly every surface of the room was covered in paint splatters, with easels holding painted canvasses, lined up along every corner. Students humbly walked around the classroom, observing each other’s work. The students have been working on these pieces for two weeks, attempting to imitate the past ...

Students to compete in 24-hour animation contest

John Pozzi, an instructor for the Computer Animation and Game Design department, will be at the Animation Jam competition. Photo credit: Ulises Duenas

Natalie Hanson

October 4, 2018

A competition will have students animating day and night this weekend.The "Animation Jam" is an annual, international event that gives students studying in the Computer Animation and Game Design (CAGD) department the chance to win recognition. In a 24-hour period beginning Friday afternoon, students are e...

Roar against wildcat statue has my vote for student involvement

The Wildcat Statue continues to create controversy among students over the cost. Photo credit: Alejandra Fraga

Karen Limones

May 14, 2018

If you’re thinking “another article about the Wildcat Statue?,” I know, me too. But I’ve been thinking about all those times I’m in the elevator or walking alongside the Bell Memorial Union when I hear people comment on the statue. It’s still a ruckus and students st...

Artist of the Week: Marie Fox

Marie Fox is a Chico State student who uses fabrics as her main medium and incorporates her childhood memories into her works. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Mitchell Kret

April 11, 2018

Marie Fox is a fourth-year fine arts and art education major who incorporates fabrics, stitching and especially family memories into the drawing skills she learned through her memory-rich childhood. The 25 year old plans to start her teaching credentials program after finishing her Bachelor of Fine Ar...

Committee created to address lack of arts funds

Peaces of Chico is a mural by artist Gregg Payne in downtown Chico. Photo credit: Latisha Cheney

Latisha Cheney

January 21, 2018

The Chico City Council voted 7-0 to form a committee focused on the lack of funding for the arts in Chico Tuesday. Funding for the arts has experienced a devastating decline and has nearly dissolved in Butte County, according to Debbie Presson, city clerk of the Arts Commission. “Funding wen...

Once upon a scene: drawing in the 360

(From left to right) Patty Huerta, Jazmin Gonzalez, Mai Thao and Madison assembling all moving parts of their

Alejandra Solorio

September 18, 2017

On the first day of class, J. Pouwels, Foundation Coordinator and faculty of the Department of Art and Art History, assigned arts 325/425 (Intermediate and Advanced Drawing) an introductory project designed to move away from the ease of a pencil and sketchpad. Instead of assigning a study of objects...

140 art pieces find new home in the Museum of Northern California Art

An unlabeled piece of art displayed at MONCA's exhibit

Alejandra Solorio

September 10, 2017

The same building that once hosted yoga classes, weddings and even voting, is now home to a collective of over 140 permanent art pieces.The revival of the classical 1927 building on 900 Esplanade, now known as the Museum of Northern California Art MONCA, opened July 13. Artworks displayed range in l...

Summer Hits and Misses

Theatrical release poster of

Julia Maldonado

August 23, 2017

The HouseIf there’s a movie that screams unethical actions, it is “The House.” Starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler as Scott and Katie Johansen, these two decide to run an underground casino in order to pay for their daughter Alex’s college expenses. With the help of their gambling-...

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