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Paradise High Athletics bounces back after Camp Fire

Photo credit: Karina Cope

Karina Cope

November 12, 2019

In the year since the Camp Fire, life has been filled with destruction, loss and sorrow for each person affected by its destruction. However, this one year has also brought reconstruction, community bonding, resilience and strength. Paradise High Athletics went through a whirlwind last year, from...

Rebuilding Paradise workshop provides hope through community building

The Rebuilding Paradise group had a pancake bar at the Idea Fab Lab Saturday morning for community members. Photo credit: Nate Rettinger

Nate Rettinger

March 4, 2019

Despite a low turnout, the workshop hosted by Rebuilding Paradise provided a more human blueprint for the future.On Saturday morning, previous residents of Paradise and concerned citizens came to the Idea Labs in Chico to workshop different ways to cultivate the community. The workshop focused on rebuil...

The Orion Newscast Feb. 13, 2019

Photos and obituaries of the 85 who passed away in the Camp Fire on presentation in the foyer of the Paradise Performing Arts Center.

Christian Solis, Visuals Editor

February 13, 2019

The Orion Weekly Newcast features stories from the Interfaith Memorial in Paradise to a Master Printmaker running a workshop.     Christian Solis can be reached at ne[email protected] or @c_alexander20 on Twitter.

Wells Fargo donates $3.25 million for Camp Fire victims

Karen Woodruff  Vice President of Community Affairs, Government and Community Relations with Wells Fargo broke down the distribution of the $3.25 million at a press conference Friday morning. $2 million will go directly towards housing for those displaced by the Camp Fire, while the remaining $1.25 million will go to small businesses affected in order to help rebuild Photo credit: Josh Cozine

Julian Mendoza

January 26, 2019

$2 million to go towards helping Camp Fire victims find housing, remaining to help small businesses rebuildOn Friday, Wells Fargo announced that $3.25 million would be donated to support Butte County for Camp Fire relief in conjunction with the Butte Strong Fund.The announcement took place in the Ol...

Students need more than just money

Getty Image by asiseeit

Rachael Bayuk

December 5, 2018

Now that all this money has been raised for Wildcats Rise Fire Recovery Fund, where will it all go?According to the campus website for assistance one, who qualifies, may simply apply for assistance from the fund. There is up to 1,500 one may receive through the grant based on need.Applying for the gran...

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