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Chico State student architects review their rebuilding plans with Paradise residents

Professor Rouben Mohiudden talking with engineers and builders who will eventually start building homes from the student designed floor plans. Photo credit: Danielle Kessler

Danielle Kessler

November 26, 2019

"Project Rebuild Paradise" is underway as interior architecture students are finalizing their floor plans for Paradise residents. The group of students met with engineers and builders for the first time on Friday and showed residents their updated plans.The group’s advisor, Rouben Mohiuddin, showed ea...

Resilience through knitting: Camp Fire survivor gave out over 1,000 beanies during tragedy

Quirarte spreading peace and love through beanies. Photo credit: Mimi Quirarte

Melissa Joseph

November 20, 2019

As cold weather draws near, it’s hard to forget the emotional and physical chill left by the Camp Fire this time, last year. The Camp Fire burned tens of thousands of homes and killed 85 people; those who survived were left with nowhere to go in the cold rains of November.One survivor, Donna Ara...

Cross country runner pushes on through tragedy

Talia Swangler running in race at the Cross Country Championships. Photo credit: Gary Towne

Karina Cope

November 17, 2019

Talia Swangler was raised in Paradise and attended Butte College after high school. She then transferred to Chico State before the start of her junior year. Less than three months after her transition, she was hit with tragedy. The town she grew up in and her parents’ home she had recently moved out...

Paradise Moving Forward

People gathered for the Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce meeting Tuesday. Photo credit: Jack Lewis

Jack Lewis and Joel Peterson

November 13, 2019

The Paradise Community Information Meeting was held at the Paradise Alliance Church on Nov. 5 to announce the progress of various agencies involved in the Camp Fire cleanup and show off the town's plans going into the new year.A few of the agencies that presented at the meeting included Federal Emergen...

In times of pain, joy finds a way

A creative ensemble singing and speaking about how people felt about the devastating fire. Photo credit: Hana Beaty

Melissa Joseph

November 13, 2019

Goosebumps arose as the Butte County Scottish Society Pipes and Drums marched down the aisles of the Paradise Performing Arts Center playing “When the Battle is Over” to a mass of Camp Fire survivors. On Sunday afternoon PPAC held “Joy Will Find a Way,” an event focused on spot...

Butte County falls silent in remembrance of Camp Fire

Marge Nelmes came to Chico City Plaza to remember her best friend, Lolene Rios of 46 years who passed away during the fire. Photo credit: Kimberly Morales

Kimberly Morales

November 13, 2019

Friday, Nov. 8, marked a year since Butte County faced the deadliest wildfire in California history, and residents faced it with remembrance and hope. Gathering at various locations in Chico State and the Chico City Plaza, the town fell silent for a shared 85 seconds, marking the 85 lives lost from the ...

Paradise High Athletics bounces back after Camp Fire

Photo credit: Karina Cope

Karina Cope

November 12, 2019

In the year since the Camp Fire, life has been filled with destruction, loss and sorrow for each person affected by its destruction. However, this one year has also brought reconstruction, community bonding, resilience and strength. Paradise High Athletics went through a whirlwind last year, from...

‘Reflections and Hope’ one year later

Kimberly Morales

November 12, 2019

On Thursday, the Museum of Northern Californian Art opened the doors to their latest display, "Reflection and Hope: A Year to Remember," and "Bench Press: Please Be Seated."Currently on display together, both exhibits take on a role in allowing the community of Butte County to reflect upon the first...

Paradise stands together through church efforts

Fair goers enjoy games as the sun sets on Paradise. Photo credit: Melissa Joseph

Melissa Joseph

November 12, 2019

Paradise Alliance Church held a free event Saturday night, welcoming residents to enjoy carnival games, a petting zoo and live art. The event, We Stand Together, welcomed anyone in the area who has been affected emotionally or physically by the fire, encouraging visitors to pray and enjoy themselves through...

Pianist Leeya Shaw shares her experience post Camp Fire

Leeya Shaw is an artist that was displaced by the Camp Fire last year. Photo credit: Kati Morris

Kati Morris

November 12, 2019

Leeya Shaw, a music student at Chico State, was living with her mother in her childhood home in Paradise when the Camp Fire started a year ago. When evacuations began, Shaw was staying with a friend and was forced to leave everything behind. Among her clothing and mementos, she left behind all of her inst...

Resource building ‘The Brick’ initiates the rebuilding of Paradise

Many locals came back to Paradise for the one year anniversary. The reactions were all different as the event carried on. Photo credit: Melissa Herrera

Danielle Kessler

November 12, 2019

On the one year anniversary of the most destructive fire in state history, the Paradise community gathered to celebrate the strength and resilience of the town. A major topic of the Camp Fire commemoration ceremony was unity, a theme reinforced by the adoption of a new building in the center of town ha...

Sculpture made of keys from Camp Fire survivors revealed

The Phoenix contained over 18,000 keys and stood tall in the center of the building. Photo credit: Melissa Herrera

Rayanne Painter

November 12, 2019

Only three days after the Camp Fire, artist Jess Mercer began asking for keys owned by survivors from the Ridge. Any key: cars, houses, businesses, safes, boats, diaries, etc. were accepted.. After just a year, Mercer had collected upwards of 18,000 keys from items lost in the fire. Little by little, she ...

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