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Chico 2037 shares a much different future than most are considering

Demondra Martin adds her idea to include in a resolution to the university on acting on climate change. Martin wrote that scooters and bikes need to be available for rent, and cheaply Photo credit: Josh Cozine

Josh Cozine

December 11, 2018

Students of Mark Stemen’s Community Service and Geography class shared stories, Dec. 5, written from the perspective of students living in a much warmer and very different future from what we now face, during a Community Action Planning (CAP), organized by the First-Year Experience Program. With ...

We all are responsible for reversing climate change

Getty Images photo by MHJ.

Rayanne Painter

October 21, 2018

The Earth as we know it is disappearing at an alarmingly fast rate. I know it, you know it and we need to stop ignoring it.Over the past decade, there’s been no secret about the fact that our climate is rapidly changing and becoming too hot for the earth to remain sustainable. Coral reefs once full of vib...

Gateway Science Museum temporarily closing for instillation of new exhibits on climate change

Executive Director of the Gateway Science Museum Adrienne McGraw. Photo credit: Anne Chamberlain

Kelsi Sibert

May 14, 2018

The Gateway Science Museum is currently closed for exhibit installation from May 7 through May 25 and will open back up on May 26.Executive Director of the Gateway Science Museum Adrienne McGraw said the museum is changing the theme to focus on environmental concerns."We're featuring the topic of climate c...

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, youth activist, speaks at Chico State

Martinez spoke about the need to focus on framing the issue of climate change to be more personal, instead of just abstract numbers. Photo credit: Josh Cozine

Josh Cozine

April 16, 2018

Nearly 800 students and community members of all ages filled the Bell Memorial Union auditorium Monday in anticipation of world-renowned climate activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. Martinez spoke for over an hour, discussing his childhood, growing up with a love for nature while seeing the environmental destruction of...

Local science advocates lead March for Science

Science advocates march through downtown Chico for the March for Science Photo credit: Josiah Nicholl

Josiah Nicholl and Josh Cozine

April 14, 2018

Science advocates across Chico joined forces at the Trinity Commons lawn on Saturday for the March for Science event. The March for Science, which began at 10 a.m., is an event advocating for policy-makers to look at the evidence for climate change and enact laws to benefit the greater good.The event...

Engineers of new science building present to students, faculty

Kim Swanson speaks during a presentation on the environmental impact of the upcoming additions to Siskiyou Hall. Photo credit: Carly Maxstone

Alejandra Fraga

March 15, 2018

A town hall meeting was held to discuss the new physical science building this Wednesday.The meeting consisted of a presentation from Kim Swanson, a representative from Smith's Group and Joe Wennish, a mechanical engineer in charge of the mechanical system of the building.More information on Siskiyou II w...

Building project raises concerns over climate neutrality, campus transparency

Michael Guzzi and Jason Whiteley are lead consultants for information on the new Siskiyou Hall building project. Photo credit: Natalie Hanson

Natalie Hanson

March 12, 2018

The science building behind Meriam Library, Siskiyou Hall, has a replacement three times its size coming soon. And after students recently expressed concerns about what this new building means for the campus’ future, as well as the university’s commitment to sustainability, administrators have begun re...

Global warning

Photo credit: Chase Falk

Nicole Henson

February 7, 2017

The theory that humans have created climate change was once considered a hippie ideology with no scientific evidence to offer support.Today the thought is less than radical. It is supported by undeniable contributing factors that have led even the least intellectual of humans to rethink the impact we have on the envir...

Trump’s cabinet rejects ideas

Photo credit: Katia Berg

Susan Whaley

January 25, 2017

It isn't just Hillary supporters who reject Donald Trump's policies.Trump won the keys to the White House with bold claims of torture, immigration, climate change, terrorism and foreign politics. The "greater America" that Trump is aiming for might never come to fruition, as his own cabinet stands in his way.This is the best outcome for a Trump presidency; people around him, in powerful government positions who disagree with him.The most recent nominee to break ...

El Nino brings warmer weather to Chico

El Nino's warmer currents shift eastward in the Pacific Ocean causing changes in temperature across the United States. Photo credit: Christine Zuniga

Christine Zuniga

March 2, 2016

Although March is only beginning, students around Chico State are already sporting shorts and sunglasses with the prospect of continued warm weather, thanks to El Nino. The hype behind El Nino seems to stem from a lack of understanding of what this weather phenomenon actually is and how it can affect ...

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