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Talking about cannabis, on campus

CADEC volunteer, third year Giianna Lagorio leads students through interactive activity,

Kimberly Morales

October 11, 2019

Is it cannabis? Marijuana? Hemp? Is it bad for you? Good? It depends on who you ask and where you're looking.On Tuesday, the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center (CADEC) connected with a classroom of students in the Student Services Center as they hosted a “Let’s Talk Cannabis” presentat...

Student brings sword and dagger to school

Photo credit: Miles Huffman

Courtney Weaver

April 16, 2015

Chico Police Department Call Type: Found Child Wednesday, 11:56 a.m., Esplanade "An employee found a two-year-old in front of a store and brought it inside. The employee stated that the grandmother lives behind the store and has a drug and alcohol problem. The child was returned to its grandmo...

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