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Social media and narcissism: an unwitting duo

Photo credit: Rachael Bayuk

Reed Mccoy

February 12, 2019

The rise of social media is easily one of the most significant changes to have happened in this generation. With all the good, there is also bad. How often have you seen people you know become obsessed with their social media page? By that, I mean it has affected their personality to the point they be...

Social media leads to mental health issues, too much information

Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Nicte Hernandez

April 13, 2018

For a lot of us, social media is part of our everyday lives. Whether we are waking up to direct messages, snaps or if we use Twitter or Facebook as a way to get our news. Social media is prevalent in everyday activities, despite studies showing that excessive social media use can lead to social isolation, depression and is addictive.Even though social media does connect us with the global c...

Enloe denies “date-rape” statistic in Facebook post

Judy Cline declines Joe's Bar GHB rumor. Photo credit: Courtesy of Enloe Medical Center

Lizzie Helmer

March 6, 2018

In a Facebook post on Feb. 20, Joe’s Bar stated Enloe Medical Center had reported 10 cases of the “date rape” drug GHB in the past two months. Representatives from Enloe Medical Center said they have no idea where those numbers came from. “In the emergency room itself it is not common for us to te...

Social media poses a danger for the heavy user


Grayson Boyer

September 3, 2017

Social media is now as much a part of our cultural fabric as anything else. At the time of its creation, we didn't know what this new technology would do to our culture, our relationships or our brains. While there are benefits to social media, it has some malicious effects on our lives, both discussed...

Facebook doesn’t mean fact

Photo credit: Kristina Judy

Nicole Henson

January 24, 2017

The public has taken it upon themselves to create a news source out of none other than their own opinions, and it’s spreading like wildfire because of social media.Facebook stories that say climate change is a trick pulled on us by the Chinese may sound like an obvious hoax to most. Still, when it comes to politics ...

Screen junkies killing time

Photo credit: Chase Falk

Kyra Stemplinger

January 23, 2017

Free time in the modern age is nothing but an interruption in our phone time. Enjoying anything without texting, tweeting or snapping is a rarity these days, and I’ve been guilty of this crime myself.The four most common phone time wasters all present the same message to keep people connected and infor...

Censoring conservative voices

Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Evan Roberts and Briana Mcdaniel

October 3, 2016

Freedom of speech has been a cornerstone of American life for centuries and is a seminal piece of who we are as people. The idea of conveying an idea despite being controversial or unpopular is what has driven the innovation and growth of the country. Over the summer there was some news concerning ...

Be civil in Facebook political debates

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Brittany Mcclintock

May 3, 2016

Social media is all about sharing personal things or random cat videos. Facebook is the biggest platform to post articles about things that a person typically cares about. And more often than not, people post political articles, especially now since it’s an election year.The only thing about pol...

The Orion Vlog: #DearMe

#DearMe is a new youtube hash-tag that encourages people to talk the younger version of themselves.

Salahadin Albutti

March 15, 2015

Orion staff and Chico State student answer the question: "If you have a chance to the younger you, what would you say?"

Taking a break from social media

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Daisy Dardon

February 19, 2015

Last week I tried to stay away from all social media. I deactivated my Facebook, uninstalled my Twitter app and even stayed off of Tumblr. Let’s just say it was a very long week. It started out okay, I got that new me kind of feeling you get on new years. I had the mentality that now, with no soc...

Dating hashtags are annoying, hollow

Veronica De La Cruz

August 27, 2014

Hilarious memes and hashtags are constantly changing trends in the social media world. While I usually enjoy most of these amusing trends, I'd be lying if I said that I was a fan of the latest Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday hashtags. The way it works is that every Monday women will post a pictur...

The price of cool in social media

Matt Murphy

May 12, 2014

The world has always been obsessed with mass communication. The more people who know about something, the better. In a time since passed, there was a necessity for this mothered invention. The printing press, the telephone and the internet are all forms of mass communication one could argue we cannot live...

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