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Improvements needed for concussion protocols

Marc Wilson

March 5, 2017

Filed under Football, Sports

The concussion protocol for collegiate and professional sports is flawed and needs to be improved. Athletes who have suffered any dramatic head injury should not be allowed to return and play that same day. Although professio...

What makes an athlete great?

Marc Wilson

February 24, 2017

Filed under Baseball, Basketball, Football, Sports

In the sports community, a phrase we so often hear is “Oh they are destined for greatness.” But how we define and measure the greatness of an athlete?In the sports world, we have some greats: Serena Williams, Mia Hamm,...

League stands against Kaepernick

Kenta Mcafee

October 16, 2016

Filed under Football, Sports

The NFL had major movements this season, with Twitter now streaming live games and a new $100 million concussion initiative. Despite the success they've enjoyed, there's still one problem they have yet to tackle: kneeling at sports...

Injuries make football hard to love

Nick Martinez-Esquibel

October 12, 2015

Filed under Sports

In every relationship there are parts you love and parts you hate. My relationship with football is no different. There are parts of football that I absolutely adore, but at the same time, I find myself conflicted with the amoun...

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