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Reyes leads men’s cross-country to victory

Men's cross-country runner, Will Reyes, is expected to be the top Wildcat runner in his first season, after redshirting last year. Photo courtesy of Gary Towne.

Nick Martinez-Esquibel

September 29, 2015

The saying goes, "Where there's a will, there's a way." Chico State men's cross-country runner, Will Reyes, has more than enough will and knows the way for success. At the Ash Creek Invitational on Sept. 11, junior cross country runner Will Reyes ran the 6,300 meter at a 4:32 mile pace a...

‘Cat tats earned in sweat, blood and hard work

Lauren Schnelli, junior track and field runner, proudly represents the Chico with her Wildcat tattoo. Photo credit: Jenelle Kapellas

Kenta Mcafee

September 22, 2015

Through hats, shirts and even tattoos, many Chico State student athletes represent their school with a lifelong commitment, but none more as a collective pack than the Chico State cross-country team.The Wildcat logo is often tatted on the thigh or calves of many current and past Chico State cross-co...

Men’s cross-country hits the trail for 2015

The Chico State men's cross-country team gears up for the 2015 season in Lake Tahoe. Photo courtesy of Gary Towne.

Kenta Mcafee

September 1, 2015

For Chico State athletics, 2014 was an overall great year for sports, but one of the biggest successes was for the men's cross-country team. The team found success in the 2014 season, continuing the streak of winning CCAA title's with its 13th straight victory. The team also succeeded in winning the la...

Women’s cross-country season preview

Kody Atkins and Nicole Anthony run during practice on Wednesday before hitting the weight room. Photo by John Domogma.

Nick Martinez-Esquibel

August 31, 2015

Since 2002, the Chico State women's cross-country team has been a staple in the nation's top 10 cross-country programs.Until last year. The team finished 13th in the nation last season to snap its streak of 12 straight finishes inside the top 10. "It was a little hard to swallow," senior Olivia Watt sai...

First-year runner sprints into action for Wildcats

First-year runner Alex Burkhart competes in the steeplechase at the San Francisco State Distance Carnival on April 4. Photo courtesy of Alex Burkhart

Nick Martinez-Esquibel

April 11, 2015

First-year runner Alex Burkhart is becoming a force on the track faster than you can say the name of her hometown, Rancho Cucamonga. Coming off her time at Los Osos High School, Burkhart has taken advantage of her opportunities and excelled in the steeplechase event for the Wildcats this spring. Steeplechase is a 3,...

Chico State faculty, staff hit the ground running

Journalism professor Michael Griffin runs the Waldo 100K in Oregon.

Alisa Thorsen

March 9, 2015

For many people, running the mile in high school physical education class was enough for a lifetime. But for some Chico State employees, running is not just a hobby — it's a way of life. Outside of the classroom, many professors participate in intensive marathon training in their spare tim...

Cross-country Wildcats prepare for new terrain

Julie Finn, junior on Chico State's cross-country and track and field teams, sets up to practice for the 1500-meter event. The spring semester means a change in landscape for competitors as races and events move to the track. Photo credit: Zach Aucella

Breanna Barnard

February 8, 2015

Runners on your mark. Get set. Bang. The switch over from cross-country to track and field season is quickly creeping up. With both the Wildcat men's and women's cross-country teams placing in the NCAA Championships this past fall, the 'Cats are ready to bring their energy into track and...

Q&A: Gary Towne, CCAA cross-country Coach of the Year

Cross-country head coach Gary Towne rallies his team during the 2013 fall season. Photo courtesy of Gary Towne. Courtesy photo Gary Towne

Lars Gustafson

January 20, 2015

During the past 19 years, Gary Towne has become one of the most decorated head coaches in Chico State's history. Towne has turned Chico State's cross-country team into a national powerhouse that has reached the NCAA championships every year since 1999. During this previous fall season, the Wildcat men’s and w...

Cross-Country teams win CCAA Championships

Freshman runner Camila Turati was named Freshman of the Year at the CCAA Championships. Photo credit: Brandon Foster

Samuel Wolfson

November 9, 2014

[box]CCAA ChampionshipsAlex McGuirk: Individual Champion and CCAA Runner of the YearCamila Turati: Freshman of the yearGary Towne: Coach of the Year[/box]Both Chico State's men and women's cross country teams took home titles at the CCAA Championships Saturday in San Bernardino. The men have captured t...

Women’s cross-country team headed for CCAA championship

The Chico State women's cross-country team in Upper Bidwell Park earlier this season. The team is currently preparing for the California Collegiate Athletic Association championships. Photo courtesy of Gary Towne

Kevin Lucena

November 5, 2014

After watching her teammates run toward the California Collegiate Athletic Association championship title last year, junior Quetta Peinado will compete in the Nov. 8 CCAA title meet in San Bernardino. “Having my last three seasons end injury-riddled, this will be my first time competing at the conference championship," Peinado s...

Men’s cross-country team competes for 13th consecutive title

A group of Chico State cross-country runners prepare to cross the finish line at the 2013 California Collegiate Athletic Association championships. Photo courtesy Gary Towne

Samuel Wolfson

November 1, 2014

It seems that head cross-country Coach Gary Towne always finds the recipe for success for his teams. With this year's batch, he's going for a baker's dozen.The Chico State men’s cross-country team will try to secure its 13th straight California Collegiate Athletic Association championship title...

Cross-country runners embrace race strategies

Aaron Mora, a junior business administration major, embraces Coach Gary Towne's input about anything and everything running. Photo credit: Emerson Keenan

Emerson Keenan

October 27, 2014

The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare, said Juma Ikangaa, a three-time second place finisher at the Boston marathon.Imagine how that reflects on Chico State's men and women's cross-country teams. Both teams run each race with a unique mental strategy.Gary Towne, Chico State's head ...

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