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A museum without walls: An expeditionist’s tale of Antarctica

Newspaper clippings recounting the expedition findings. Photo credit: Melissa Joseph

Melissa Joseph

October 23, 2019

A crowd of people entered the Gateway Science Museum Wednesday night as the annual "Museum Without Walls" series took place. This week’s lecture was called "Antarctica: A Scientific Odyssey". The talk discussed the adventure of four scientists trekking their way through an Antarctica expedition. Th...

Spooktacular Science takes over Gateway Science Museum

The Gateway Science Museum hosted Spooktacular Science Saturday, where kids of all ages came to learn science ... with a spooky twist Photo credit: Josh Cozine

Josh Cozine

October 29, 2018

Eyeballs levitated in midair, potions bubbled and brewed and objects seemed to move of their own accord, off in the back room of the local science museum. Cackles and wide-eyed grins came from the young, entranced visitors. No spell had been cast on them though, they were simply enchanted by the wonders of...

Gateway Science Museum temporarily closing for instillation of new exhibits on climate change

Executive Director of the Gateway Science Museum Adrienne McGraw. Photo credit: Anne Chamberlain

Kelsi Sibert

May 14, 2018

The Gateway Science Museum is currently closed for exhibit installation from May 7 through May 25 and will open back up on May 26.Executive Director of the Gateway Science Museum Adrienne McGraw said the museum is changing the theme to focus on environmental concerns."We're featuring the topic of climate c...

New director of Gateway Science Museum aims for student and faculty involvement

After a months-long national search, Chico state has named Adrienne McGraw as the new executive director of Gateway Science Museum. This image taken on January 25th shows the new director standing in front of the museum. Photo credit: Anne Chamberlain

Kelsi Sibert

January 31, 2018

After a lengthy search, Chico State named Adrienne McGraw as the new executive director for the Gateway Science Museum on Jan. 9. As a child, McGraw spent her summers surrounded by trees at Kings Canyon National Park. “When I was a kid, my father was a park ranger,” McGraw said. “So we live...

Gateway makes science sweeter with Candy Chemistry

Gateway makes science sweeter with Candy Chemistry

Amelia Storm

March 24, 2016

This Friday and Saturday, the Gateway Science museum will host a sweet event. Literally. Every week the museum hosts an, “Investigation Station;” an activity featuring hands-on labs aimed at engaging the community and making science a fun experience. Do to the upcoming Easter holiday, t...

‘Grossology’ exhibit takes different approach to bodily functions

The entrance to the

January 27, 2016

On Saturday, Jan. 16 the Gateway Science Museum opened a new exhibit influenced by the science book series “Grossology.”   “Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body,” the children's book series written by Sylvia Branzei teamed up with Advanced Animations to create the 2,500-square-f...

Museum celebrates 5th anniversary with hands-on learning

Four-year-old museum visitor Oliver Connell tries his hand at milking an artificial utter at the Gateway Science Museum's five-year anniversary celebration. Photo credit: George Johnston

Blaine Ball

March 8, 2015

Bloodsucking insects and cannulated cows are just a few things that people can get their hands on when exploring Chico State's Gateway Science Museum, which thrives off its interactive and informative exhibits that attract guests of all ages. The Gateway Science Museum is led by Dr. Renee Renner, and 2015 marks its fifth anni...

Gateway Science Museum welcomes three new exhibits

Desmond Weatherby explores the excavation box during his visit to the Gateway Science Museum.Photo credit: Alex Boesch

Emma Wood-Wright

February 12, 2014

The skull of a gray whale sits dead center on the floor of the Newberry gallery inside the Gateway Science Museum. Donated to the biology department at Chico State, one of the three current exhibits at Gateway - Changing California: Geological and Ecological Transformations, this huge fossil which was found of...

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