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Tuition increase would fund $75 million Graduation Initiative

Chico State's graduation rates. Photo credit: Daniel Wright

Daniel Wright

March 15, 2017

Currently, the 2025 graduation initiative is unfunded in the CSU system's budget, but a proposed 5 percent tuition increase system-wide would fully fund the $75 million program. This initiative is a program created to increase the graduation rates for first year and transfer students. It aims to close...

Housing available to grads’ guests

Floor plan of rooms available in Esken Hall. Photo courtesy of Chico State

Jacqueline Morales

March 14, 2017

University housing will allow guests to stay this upcoming graduation season. May 19th at 8 p.m., Esken Hall will be the only residence hall to open its' doors to guests of graduating students at Chico State. Esken is the closest to University stadium and parking will be of service with a minimal fee...

Apply for spring 2017 commencement

Students celebrating at the spring 2016 commencement ceremony. Photo credit: Ashley Narayan

Carly Campbell

January 28, 2017

Commencement ceremonies will be held May 19-21 at the Laxson Auditorium and University Stadium on Chico State’s campus this spring.Applications are ongoing and still being accepted by the commencement office.It’s important to know that graduation and commencement are different. Graduation is co...

Graduating on time is hard

Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Carson Predovich and Briana Mcdaniel

November 23, 2016

In 2013, only 59 percent of Chico State students graduated within six years. The four-year graduation rate was likely even lower.Schools don't do enough to help students graduate in four years. In fact, the university directly inhibits students from graduating on time in some cases.Chico State curre...

Methods to combat senioritis

Photo credit: David Molina

Whitney Urmann

October 30, 2016

Once a week, I have a 50-minute class that is entirely focused on getting a job in my field post-graduation. In my last year, this is the only class I see any worth in attending. In less than seven months, the class of 2017 and I will be embarking on our journey into the real world where we wil...

State pushing for faster graduation rates

Chico State engineer students cannot contain their excitement to receive their diplomas at spring 2014 graduation ceremony. Photo credit: Chelsea Jeffers

Bianca Quilantan

October 3, 2016

Super-seniors are in danger of extinction. The CSU system is focusing on how to impact students on track to graduate in four and a half years for first-years and in two and a half years for upper division transfer students, according to a memo from the CSU Chancellor’s office. The graduation initi...

Leave college, not friends

Photo credit: Grant Garnsey

Julie Ramos

March 12, 2016

For the last four years I have called Chico home. It was in Chico that I gained some of my best and most cherished memories. Whether it was choosing to live in the dorms to living downtown, or deciding to rush through Greek life, to the decision of going out or not, my Chico best friends have been by...

Slow and steady super senior route

Photo credit: Madison Holmes

Julie Ramos

February 21, 2016

Freshman, sophomore, junior, senior: that’s how college is ideally supposed to go. Four years. In four years students are expected to go from freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, to graduated alumni. Well that’s not always the case. My path will read freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, su...

Preparing for the road to graduation

Preparing for the road to graduation

Dj Morris

May 15, 2015

DJ Morris can be reached at [email protected] or @djthejournalist on Twitter.

College camaraderie not always made to last past graduation

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Miles Inserra

May 4, 2015

I wonder if it will be out of sight, out of mind with friends I have made at Chico State. College students live life in transition, only settling down for months at a time before packing their bags again. I have had new neighbors and classmates every semester for the past three years. I re...

The cost of graduation? Another university fee

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Joseph Rogers

March 1, 2015

Spring is in the air and commencement is right around the corner. As a graduating senior, I was looking forward to it. There was another little shock waiting for me when I went to file for graduation: a fee of $48 if filing on time (one year out) or an additional $10 fee if filing late. According t...

Graduation rate nears chancellor’s goal

Chico State engineer students cannot contain their excitement to receive their diplomas at spring 2014 graduation ceremony. Photo credit: Chelsea Jeffers

Enrique Raymundo

December 9, 2014

Chico State is close to hitting its graduation target rate set by the chancellor's office for the year 2025. A recent data provided by the Chico State Graduation Initiative Team, showed that 61 percent of the 2008 freshmen class graduated within six years, and 24 percent of the 2010 freshmen ...

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