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Butte Station sells less than last year

Butte station is the place for students and faculty  to stop and grab a quick snack.

Christian Solis

October 6, 2017

Butte Station is selling less than the same time last year, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's doing bad.Comparing to similar stores in other CSU's, Butte Station is on average out-performing most of them according to Jamie Clyde, associative executive director for the A.S.What Clyde attributes to Bu...

Chia seeds, for pets and people

Chia breakfast bowl topped with figs, blackberries and bee pollen. Photo credit: Grace Kerfoot

Grace Kerfoot

August 28, 2015

Long gone are the days when "chia" was only associated with vegetative afros of the iconic and "oh so 90's" Chia Pet. Now, instead of sprinkling chia seeds on ceramic statues, people are sprinkling them in their diet in tastefully clever ways. Despite being small and humble in appearance, chia seeds ...

A user-friendly guide to the WREC

Zachary Phillips

Zachary Phillips

January 29, 2014

Recent graduates are always full of regrets.Whether college seemed to disappear in a flash, or drag on well past its welcome, human nature tends to prompt graduates to look back on their time at Chico State and wish they had experienced more. One of the most common “carpe diem” fails that I tend to h...

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