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In wake of catastrophe, Chico State students show heart

Nicole Ritchie

September 6, 2017

Yesenia Carmona, Junior, Criminal Justice:"We stand in solidarity with all those affected. It is very tragic. Although we are not there physically, we are there in spirit."Cameron Irshaid, Senior, Finance and Project Management:"I'm proud of you all (the victims of Harvey) for making the best of a re...

Students fund raise to help aid hurricane victims

Students raise money for hurricane victims. Photo courtesy of Chana Zwiebel

Christian Solis

September 6, 2017

Inspired Chico State students baked and sold challah bread, to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims.Embed from Getty ImagesRohr Chabad Jewish Center of Chico student members partnered with the Thursday Night Market, to bake and sell bread at their own table stand. The initiative was in effort to provide meals, housing and d...

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