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Senior Spotlight: Q&A with future teachers

Michelle Brathovd, senior liberal studies major. Photo credit: Nicole Santos

Nicole Santos

April 23, 2015

Two graduating seniors are among those who conquered the application process and were admitted into Chico State’s teaching credential program. The process takes a lot of preparation, and it is best to organize and plan ahead. There are many different pathways in the credential program, and each has a specific process to follow in order to a...

Males low in female-dominated majors

Infographic by: Monica Fitch

Madison Holmes

May 7, 2014

Certain majors are largely dominated by women, according to a study conducted by Jeffrey Bell, a biology professor. The study tracked the 2010-2014 graduating class. Males made up 10 percent of the liberal studies graduating class and 9 percent of social work, according to the study. Child d...

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