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City Council discusses marijuana sale fees; tensions among council members run high on election night

Citizen Charles Withuhn criticizes the councils handling of the Homeless Oppurtunity plan.
November 5, 2020

Citizens of Chico gathered in City Hall on the night of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, and two key issues stood out — the acceptance of California Alcohol and Beverage grant and the establishment...

Cannabis is Coming to Chico, is the Community Safe?

A watercolor made by Erin Holve
September 15, 2020

The city of Chico has approved an ordinance for cannabis dispensaries with a 5-2 vote. The two dissenting votes came from Sean Morgan and Kasey Reynolds.  Dozens of residents showed up to the...

Talking about cannabis, on campus

CADEC volunteer, third year Giianna Lagorio leads students through interactive activity,
October 11, 2019

Is it cannabis? Marijuana? Hemp? Is it bad for you? Good? It depends on who you ask and where you're looking.On Tuesday, the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center (CADEC) connected with a classroom...

City council members vote 4-3 to form a cannabis committee

March 11, 2019

Opinions clashed at the recent city council meeting where members moved to form a cannabis committee.City council members came together to vote on a proposed cannabis committee on Tuesday night at Chico...

Scott Huber hosts Conversations about Cannabis

Scott Huber (to the left) listening to citizens about their opinions about marijuana. 
Jessica Mackenzie (to the back left). Photo credit: Justin Jackson
September 17, 2018

Chico has the munchies for conversations. Chico residents were invited to participate in Conversation about Cannabis, Sunday, to talk about making cannabis legal in the town of Chico. Chico City Council...

Chico council votes to regulate the use of marijuana

The council meeting discussed details on the sale of marijuana. Photo credit: Christian Solis
November 8, 2017

Chico City Council voted 4-3 to pass a city ordinance strictly regulating the use, sale and growing of marijuana Tuesday night.Ordinance 19.75 prohibits commercial cannabis activity, sets up a permitting...

Off The Record | Episode 7 | Sex and drugs, Chico and marijuana, and drinking in class.

The seventh episode of Off The Record. Photo credit: The Orion
September 28, 2017

This revived series takes a look at what’s new in The Orion’s opinion section. Columnists discuss current events, local news and columns that can be found at The Orion website. This week, writers...

Chico bans recreational marijuana dispensaries, losing millions for city

City council member being greedy Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel
September 25, 2017

In what can only be described as economic self-abuse, Chico City Council voted Sept.19 to prohibit recreational marijuana dispensaries within Chico, losing potential millions in tax revenue. The City of...

Judicial affairs preys on students ignorance

Judicial affairs isn't a students friend on campus. Photo credit: Getty Images - Marilyn Nieves
September 24, 2017

The Chico State Judicial Affairs mission statement describes “[advancing] student development by adjudicating reports in a timely, consistent and fair manner” as a key goal, yet the rules and culture...

Don’t pass the joint to pets

Photo by: Katia Berg
April 21, 2017

Smoking a few bowls can be relaxing after a long day, especially for those with legitimate medical reasons. However, with the convenience of obtaining a medical marijuana ID being easier than ever, it...

Trump should go green

Photo by: Jessica Johnson
April 20, 2017

Get your medical cards because Trump is aiming his focus at recreational marijuana, according to his press secretary Sean Spicer in his Feb. 24 speech. Trump has been staunch on his disapproval of the...

A little marijuana goes a long way in bed

Photo credit: Chase Falk
April 18, 2017

When combining the prevalent sex culture of college with drug and alcohol use, it might be safe to assume there is a causal relationship between the students and the drugs. According to UCSB, the use...

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