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Lab-based classes get creative following campus shut-down

Emily Neria, Staff Writer

March 30, 2020

Though the transition will not be easy, science labs will be made available to students online for the remainder of the semester.  “Along with everything else (labs) are going online,” Department Chair of Physics Dr. Eric Ayars said. “This will be a challenge, but we’re finding solutio...

Online classes equal less learning

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Alex Horne

April 15, 2016

Not leaving home, sitting on the couch and class time whenever: all enticing facets of online classes. But is it all worth it? Online classes are an easy way to avoid the stress of creating a cohesive class schedule and getting to campus. It can seem like a miracle when searching for a class and an ...

New legislation increases access to online classes

New legislation increases access to online classes

Michael Arias

March 26, 2015

Students attending any California State University will now have the opportunity to enroll in online classes at other campuses in the system. Assembly Bill 386 requires that every fully online course offered by the CSU system be made available to all eligible students at no extra cost beginning in the...

Every class should have an in-person section

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Joseph Rogers

February 21, 2015

My major in sociology has an online degree option. No doubt this is better for the department’s enrollment, but what about the students? It’s not that I’m Amish or anything, I’m online recreationally more than I should be, but online classes don’t make sense to me. Parti...

Long commutes don’t deter faculty

Geoffrey Baker, English professor

Christine Lee

May 6, 2014

Chico State English professor Geoffrey Baker spends about two hours and 40 minutes driving back home to Oakland every weekend, a commute that doesn’t affect his teaching. "I know it seems if we're commuting that distance, we're not working on the days that we're not here but I guarantee you we a...

Online classes offer opportunities, obstacles

Valerie Teegardin

Valerie Teegardin

March 24, 2014

As the last half of the semester draws near, enrollment for classes next fall looms overhead. Before signing up for online courses, consider why getting an education over the web may cost you a lot more than the enrollment fees. High failure rate Having taken a math course online through C...

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