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Celebrity opinions can be harmful

Courtesy of Washington Post.

Reed Mccoy

March 25, 2019

Celebrity worship is something that many of us have been guilty of, myself included. Celebrities seem infallible, because they are larger than life people, people who we become slightly or all the way obsessed with. From musical artists, to social media influencers, we often look to them for guidance an...

Sanders loses popularity on social media

Photo credit: Madison Holmes

Emma Vidak-Benjamin

March 13, 2016

Whether you watched the Democratic debate held in Flint, Michigan, on Sunday night or not, simply scrolling on any social media outlet would have informed you of the now infamous racial comment Bernie Sanders made during the debate. His comment received an intense amount of backlash on Twitter, Facebook, ...

Food for thought

Photo credit: Helen Suh

Emma Vidak-Benjamin

February 21, 2016

Have you ever taken a bite of your meal and stopped to realize you have no idea where any of the food on your plate came from? For some people, I’m sure you truly have never cared, but the majority of the population has a general concern with the food they decide to eat.That’s why it’...

Our viewpoints are not our own

Photo credit: David Molina

William Rein

February 13, 2016

The most unimaginative and redundant opinions are those most aggressively debated, and the truly important, consequential views are thoroughly ingrained and taken for granted. In any given era, the multitude of opinions possessed by the public is largely owed to the social or philosophical revolutions...

Textbooks are so yesterday

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Emma Vidak-Benjamin

February 8, 2016

Do you ever get that feeling of immense stress weighing you down in hundreds and hundreds of dollars? If so, it sounds like you’re probably a college student needing to purchase textbooks at the beginning of the semester.The price of textbooks are astronomical these days, and I have felt extre...

Give ‘The Bachelor’ a chance

Photo credit: Helen Suh

January 30, 2016

Considering the recent premiere of ABC’s hit show “The Bachelor,” and the great amount of hype and attention surrounding it, I think it’s time that someone defends the regularly dissed reality show. I know both men and women (men in particular) enjoy slamming the show, calling it...

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