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Party culture does not condone sexual assault micro-aggressions

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Danielle Cortes

April 1, 2018

Sexual assault is an ongoing issue prevalent on college campuses. The risks that increase these intolerable behaviors include drugs, alcohol and overall poor decisions. However, it should never be the victim's fault. No one asks to be taken advantage of, no matter what she is wearing. What bothers...

Cesar Chavez Day versus Chico State party culture

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Kendall George

March 28, 2018

There is (probably) not one person on the Chico State campus who is upset about school being out of session on Friday. This three day weekend will be filled with sunshine, late nights and good friends. Cesar Chavez Day is a very popular day among university students to go out, wear sombreros and drink...

Trashy side of party culture

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Kendall George

August 25, 2017

As school-life and the hustle and bustle of classes start to get into a routine, weekend plans can seem like the only way to stay sane.You might be going hiking, on a date with that hot guy from English, or maybe sleeping your worries away. A lot of us would have plans to hit downtown, catch up, drink beer, and dance it out to some Gucci Mane.Yes, party cu...

College students discuss drinking habits

Veronica De La Cruz

November 15, 2014

[View the story "Party culture: how much is too much?" on Storify]Leave comments or suggestions to keep the conversation going.Veronica De La Cruz can be reached at [email protected] or @Veronica_dlc on Twitter....

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