The Orion

Teenager threatens boy with BB gun

Illustration by Liz Coffee

Jafet Serrato and Kayla Fitzgerald

March 18, 2017

Chico PoliceCall Type: Disturbing SubjectSunday, 4:18 p.m., 653 E. 9th St.A naked woman was defecating in a trash can near a bus stop. She started putting clothes on, but kept sitting on the trash while screaming.Call Type: Disturbing SubjectSunday, 10:45 p.m., 401 Broadway St.A suspect was seen walk...

Why America should legalize prostitution

Illustration by Miles Huffman

William Rein

April 26, 2015

We live in a revolutionary time. It’s easier than ever to organize movements, spread a vision and make a massive impact. We also live in a distorted time, in which it feels like humans are further from their humanity and restrictions run heavy. The human tendency to prohibit others and impose judgme...

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