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Climate action training focuses on activism

Students gathered in Colusa to listen to different speakers talk about how to be an activist for the climate change movement. Photo credit: Jessie Imhoff

Jessie Imhoff

November 26, 2019

Associated Students Sustainability held a climate activism training night on Thursday. The night focused on what it means to be a climate activist. Different examples of activists were given, ranging from outspoken people such as Greta Thunberg to being a “social media activist,” and using...

Tensions continue to rise on campus, Chico State prepares

An officer watching the crowd as they get allowed into the event. Photo credit: Julian Mendoza

Julian Mendoza

November 26, 2019

After an eventful week of protest against the College Republicans, Chico State took precactionary measures to ensure that everybody stayed safe.While the Walk Away campaign was going on inside the Bell Memorial Union by the Chico State College Republicans featuring Brandan Straka and Youtuber Blair ...

Red Cross shelter evacuation slows as protests stall

The American flag hangs over the entrance of the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico, CA on Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Julian Mendoza and Josh Cozine

February 1, 2019

Cars and trailers leaving the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds slowed towards the end of the day Thursday, the day slated as a soft deadline for emptying the grounds, as those staying at the shelter continued to reach lower numbers. According to Stephen Walsh, a spokesperson for the American Red Cross at...

Playlist: 15 greatest protest songs calling for change, peace

Bob Dylan, pictured on the cover of his song and classic protest anthem,

Natalie Hanson

September 24, 2018

A great protest song is a timeless one and stands the test of history to continue to say something about humanity even decades after being released. That's why many of these songs, calling for change or asking for peace, made this list. Take some time to listen and discover some of the most powerful so...

Students protest President Hutchinson’s fee increases at Kendall Hall

Student protesters gather near Kendall Hall Monday to voice strong opinions against the student fee increases. Nearly 50 students attended and some gave speeches before leading rally chants. Photo credit: Alex Grant

Josh Cozine and Natalie Hanson

May 8, 2018

Nearly 50 students gathered outside Kendall Hall Monday to protest the recently approved student fee increases. Student participants began the protest with speeches and a rally at about 11 a.m. Brigitte Dahrouj, who helped organize the event, was one of many expressing her frustration with the in...

Marches effective to initiate change, other steps must follow

Photo credit: Diego Ramirez

Nicte Hernandez

April 20, 2018

With what seems like endless incidents of gun violence, we have seen numerous marches in the form of protests against gun violence. Students, leaders and community members have recently taken to the streets to express their anger and overall hurt with legislators and their lack of action to reduce gu...

Weekly News- The Week’s End Update, April 6

Natalie Hanson (left) and Alejandra Fraga (right).

Natalie Hanson

April 7, 2018

The week’s wrap up broadcast of breaking news reports in the Butte County area, from March 26-30. Natalie Hanson, Alejandra Fraga, Christian Solis and Josh Cozine can be reached at [email protected] [email protected]_news on Twitter....

America needs to stand up against the wall

Photo credit: Chase Falk

Marrion Charissa Cruz

March 14, 2017

In the first week that President Donald Trump took office, there were speeches and protests about the resistance to the physical division between the United States and Latin America. The outbursts are the result of problems that have been rooted more directly toward the racial division in the US. The n...

Protestors only succeed through boycotting

Kyra Stemplinger

February 22, 2017

Picket signs and marches are not enough to protest President Donald Trump. Attacking him on Twitter and with facts seem to roll off of him because with every mistake his followers continue to back him up.The only way to be truly effective is to cut off the problem at the source. Stepping up the protests to influence businesses and industries through boycotts are the only way to get a clea...

Liberals promote fascism

Photo credit: Chase Falk

Roberto Fonseca

February 17, 2017

It's been a long three weeks since Donald Trump was inaugurated, and I've never seen a country so angry. The things people are saying and doing are things that are entirely new to the political sphere. The media's coverage of Trump and the explosion of social media in the last five years has great...

Trending protests debase freedoms

Kenta Mcafee

February 7, 2017

Protesting unjust events in society is beyond the aspect of an obligation. For college students, it is a civic duty. If we aren’t using the knowledge we received from sitting through hours of Political Science lectures, then there isn’t a point in attending a university. Standing up for a ...

Chico State talks diversity, but does it walk it?

Paul Zingg, president of Chico State, addressed diversity on campus in an email to all students and faculty.

December 15, 2015

As Chico State amplifies its commitment to diversity and inclusion like universities nationwide, some members of the campus community are pushing back by exercising their right to free speech. In a Nov. 16 email to students, staff and faculty, President Paul Zingg addressed the issue explaining how “...

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