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Sexual assault survivor brings awareness to Chico State

Sexual assault survivor, public speaker and activist Brittany Piper brought conversations about consent, rape culture and bystander intervention to Chico State. Photo credit: Rayanne Painter

Rayanne Painter

April 21, 2019

The room was silent as the request was posed: “I’d like you to stand if you know of someone close to you who has experienced sexual assault.”The students in the room looked around at each other in horror as most of them stood up.“Now, I want you to stay standing if you know that...

Judicial affairs preys on students ignorance

Judicial affairs isn't a students friend on campus. Photo credit: Getty Images - Marilyn Nieves

Grayson Boyer

September 24, 2017

The Chico State Judicial Affairs mission statement describes “[advancing] student development by adjudicating reports in a timely, consistent and fair manner” as a key goal, yet the rules and culture surrounding Judicial Affairs are predatory and exist only to protect the school. Imagine being a fres...

Chico State presents ‘Take Back the Trail’

Chico State hosts an event regarding the stigma involving the

Carly Campbell

May 5, 2017

Students in a social movement's class set up and participated in an event on campus to help combat sexual assault May 4.Chico State's "rape trail," located between O'Connell and Yolo fields, is where the event took place, to signify the importance of this issue.Take Back the Trail is focused on gathe...

Wildcats ‘Take back the night’

Sexual Assault by the Numbers Photo credit: Victoria Rohrer

Victoria Rohrer

May 1, 2017

Students and the community came together to bring light to the issue of rape culture and violence against women at the Gender & Sexuality Equity Center’s annual Take Back the Night Week. “It’s about taking back our voice,” said GSEC Women’s Program Coordinator Rachel Biccum. Ninety-one...

It’s time to eradicate rape culture

Photo credit: Briana Mcdaniel

Whitney Urmann and Briana Mcdaniel

October 18, 2016

We live in a society that yearns for things to be black and white, to be able to organize and box everything simply in life, but this isn’t reality. The reality is messy, complicated and surrounded by layers and layers of murky gray. Rape and sexual assault are no different. In order to abolish...

Awareness month: The forgotten month?

Photo credit: Dongyoung Won

Emma Vidak-Benjamin

April 25, 2016

Whether you may or may not know, April is national Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a critical month in today’s college culture. Now more than ever, people are increasingly concerned with our nation’s rape, violence and assault culture of the 21st century. In efforts to stop this culture, s...

Students, community members chat about consent culture

Katrina Cameron

May 13, 2014

The Chico State Bike Path runs between the campus at Cherry Street and West Lindo Avenue, providing students with a quick path to school. However, the bike path may not be as bustling with students biking or walking after dark.Anna Swetnika, a junior accounting major, walks the bike trail twice a day, every day. "I walk it during the day, but I would not come down here at ni...

Few male students report sexual assaults

Madison Holmes

May 13, 2014

After being severely beaten and nearly sodomized with a broomstick, a Chico State student found himself tied up on a bathroom floor by the man who had charmed him months before. In October of 2012, the student, who prefers to remain anonymous, was attacked and sexually assaulted by three men incl...

Professor’s film targets rape culture

Jesse Dizard, an anthropology professor, filmed a documentary about sexual assault. Photo courtesy of Chico State.

Dominique Diaz

April 14, 2014

A Chico State professor is passionate about bringing awareness to a controversial issue — rape culture. Jesse Dizard, an anthropology professor, recently filmed a documentary that specifically targets sexual assault at Chico State, titled "Someone You Know."He was able to use examples that were ready-a...

Students step up to Take Back the Night

Students march from campus to the streets for Take Back the Night Thursday evening with candles. Photo credit: Emily Teague

April 6, 2014

A diverse community of students filled the Bell Memorial Union with hope and support on Thursday for Take Back the Night to take a stand against rape and sexual violence.Laura Napoliello, a senior double major in political science and women's studies, is the women's program coordinator for the Gender & Sex...

Combatting rape culture on campus

Zachary Phillips

Zachary Phillips

February 11, 2014

Colleges never mention sexual assault in their recruiting pamphlets. Graduation rates, sustainability and diversity: these shiny statistics and more can be found front and center on Chico State's home page. By the time they have graduated from a five-year college career, one in five women will h...

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