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Reviewing life: It’s meaningless, but that’s okay

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Ricardo Tovar

January 10, 2020

Philosophers, religious folks, scientists and every day Joe’s have tried to come up with the meaning for life. Is there one? Why are we here? Nobody knows. Even if they think they do, there is no substantial proof to the answer of who is right. Despite this, the planet has fostered life for mi...

Protestors speak on women clinics

Protestors made signs on woman's rights that were being using outside of the Bell Memorial Union. Photo credit: Rachael Bayuk

Rachael Bayuk

October 8, 2018

Outside of the Bell Memorial Union I asked protesters and supporters of the Women's Resource Clinic about their opinions on the legitimacy of the clinic. Rachael Bayuk can be reached at [email protected] or @BayukRachael on Twitter  ...

Students advance religious diversity on campus

Tova Love, president of RDA, embraces religious tolerance and wraps her hair in a tichel full time to better understand its impact. Photo courtesy of Tova Love

Molly Sullivan

February 9, 2016

The Religious Diversity Association, the only interfaith organization at Chico State, will be rekindled this semester following the increasingly polarized climate of religious relations in the national media. RDA, founded in 2013, has been dormant for the last few semesters due to a lack of membershi...

People shouldn’t be attacked for religious beliefs

Illustration by Trevor Moore

Megan Mann

March 27, 2015

My mom loves "19 Kids and Counting," so I always keep my eye out for news stories about the Duggar family. Normally I find news about one of the kids getting married or having children of their own. But sometimes I find stories about the Duggars saying or doing something that reflects their religious v...

Give me something to believe in

Illustration by Darian Maroney

Daisy Dardon

February 19, 2015

I'm agnostic. This is surprising to some because I've been going to a Christian church for years. They don't understand how I could be unsure about the existence of God when I've been so involved in church. I used to be in choir and band. I used to be a youth leader. I was the first one t...

Pamphlet protesters pushy, don’t persuade

Illustration by Zach Phillips

Alyssa Dunning

November 3, 2014

It's the age old story: girl meets boy, boy hands girl pamphlet, girl changes entire belief because of it. This must be how religious groups, companies and causes view their literature. Why else would they spend so much time and money harassing our student body on a daily basis? Petitioners plagu...

Muslim students don hijab fashionably

Aroosa Khan, junior criminal justice major, likes to mix contemporary fashion with her headscarf. Photo credit: Michaela Sundholm

Michaela Sundholm

September 23, 2014

Hijab is the clothing worn by girls and women of the Muslim faith. It is characterized by long loose clothing showing only the hands and face with a scarf covering their hair. There are many women on campus who embrace their Muslim culture through their clothing.Majdah Abughazala, sophomore pre-business finance m...

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