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Hugging women is okay, abusing them is not

Photo credit: Jaime Munoz

Nicte Hernandez and Jaime Munoz

January 29, 2018

Another man in power has been accused of sexual assault, USA gymnast team doctor Larry Nassar. This time 150 women came out accusing Nassar of sexually assaulting them as minors when they would go to see the doctor for treatment. In court, Nassar wrote in an open letter that these accusations were just made up fabrications and were being sensationalized by the...

Rape reported at Whitney Hall

Chico State student reported a sexual assault crime. Photo credit: Sean Martens

Christian Solis

September 28, 2017

A sexual assault incident was reported on campus, Tuesday, to the University Police Department, involving a Chico State student. The rape was reported by the victim and allegedly occurred Saturday at approximately midnight, in Whitney Hall. The suspect's identification is unknown. In an announcement,...

Assault awareness programs need stronger student voice

August 27, 2014

The state’s sexual assault audit is complete, and Chico State has been found lacking. The university is now faced with the task of renovating limp assault prevention programs. The list of mandatory changes is extensive, but some of the most notable points are: requiring annual programs for sexu...

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