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New art exhibit celebrates faculty artists

Danielle Kessler

August 30, 2019

The Janet Turner Print Museum has a new collection, “Drawn In-By Hand," which includes pieces curated by various art professors at Chico State. The intention of this exhibit is to show each instructor’s own diverse teaching philosophy while also expressing the importance of drawing for print...

Walking through Chico’s history

Walking through Chico's history

Madeline Merlic

October 3, 2015

Most cities have a unique history, combined with its culture and people, that define it as a town. Chico is one of these cities. From farming in the north valley to the beginnings of Chico State, these historic events helped shape the present culture. The Janet Turner Print Museum, the Chico Museum and Bidwel...

Curator preserves artistic expression at Chico State

Catherine Sullivan, curator of the Janet Turner Print Museum, explains what it means to procure art and what takes place day-to-day in her work. Photo credit: George Johnston

Tom Sundgren

March 21, 2015

Since 1968, Catherine Sullivan has studied and been immersed in art at Chico State and now helps to ensure that art continues to thrive on campus as curator of the Janet Turner Print Museum. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees both in studio arts and art history. When looking for jo...

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