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Talking about cannabis, on campus

CADEC volunteer, third year Giianna Lagorio leads students through interactive activity,

Kimberly Morales

October 11, 2019

Is it cannabis? Marijuana? Hemp? Is it bad for you? Good? It depends on who you ask and where you're looking.On Tuesday, the Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center (CADEC) connected with a classroom of students in the Student Services Center as they hosted a “Let’s Talk Cannabis” presentat...

Smoking before class on 4/20: To toke or not to toke

Photo credit: Katia Berg

Kendall George

April 20, 2018

April 20 is an infamous day for college students, "sparking" the annual great debate: Whether or not to go to class high. Although it might seem fun at the moment, getting lit before geometry is probably not the best idea. Here's why.1. MoneyEvery class you attend costs money and wasting that money in a ...

‘Laugh Now, Fly Later’ is full of predictable weed references

Cover art for

Niyat Teferi

November 19, 2017

On Nov. 10, rapper Wiz Khalifa releases his new mixtape "Laugh Now, Fly Later." The record features 10 tracks and a guest appearance from Casey Veggies. As a rap artist, Khalifa has been pretty consistent with his music, releasing two EPs earlier this year. He plans to release his official album "Rolling Pa...

So, what’s the deal with sex on drugs?

So, what's the deal with sex on drugs?

Kendall George

September 27, 2017

Let's talk about drugs. Sex. Both, together, at the same time. Most recreational drugs are illegal, and we don't overlook the use of them, but simply want to educate for harm reduction. People are experimenting, it's necessary to inform. There are four main drugs that college students might experiment wit...

Don’t pass the joint to pets

Photo by: Katia Berg

Sophia Robledo-Borowy

April 22, 2017

Smoking a few bowls can be relaxing after a long day, especially for those with legitimate medical reasons. However, with the convenience of obtaining a medical marijuana ID being easier than ever, it definitely isn’t uncommon to see more 420 friendly homes. Having a smoke session with friends can be...

Pot ban goes up in smoke

A dazed and confused ordinance proposal was stuck down at last Tuesday's city council meeting trying to ban the already illegal Marijuana Photo credit: Miles Huffman & George Johnston

February 4, 2016

The city of Chico will not take any action against marijuana. At Tuesday’s city council meeting, Chico city attorney Vince Ewing proposed an ordinance regarding the regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services in Chico.The proposal, which was defeated, would have banne...

Mary Jane guards the gate to more drug experimentation

Illustration by Miles Huffman

Miles Inserra

April 20, 2015

Marijuana is indeed the ultimate gateway drug.Readily available, cheap and less intense than other drugs, marijuana popularly exposes abstinent bodies to a state of being high for the first time. The gateway drug theory simply states that the use of less harmful drugs often leads to the future use of more...

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