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Butte County Youth Advisory holds candlelit vigil to remember homeless youth

People congregate together and had a candlelit vigil. Photo credit: Hana Beaty

Kimberly Morales

November 19, 2019

On Tuesday night a candlelight vigil was held at the steps of ‪the Chico City Council Chambers honoring and remembering homeless youth‬. Hosted by the Butte County Youth Advisory Council, the vigil was intended to teach the community about the 1 million estimated youth nationwide during No...

Youth demand better climate change policy

The band Low & Behold performing on the lawn. Photo credit: Julian Mendoza

Julian Mendoza and Trenton Taylor

April 24, 2019

Trinity Commons was filled with tables from both campus and local organizations educating students on what they can do to take action against climate change during the Earth Day Festival. “We are trying to engage students in ways of fighting climate change through policy,” said Jared Geiser, executive...

Foster youth program is one of many underrepresented groups on campus

PATH Scholars peer coach Elian Lopez spent a weekend in March at the state capitol with the National Association of Social Workers lobbying three different bills. Photo credit: Elian Lopez

Nicte Hernandez

May 7, 2018

There are many minorities on campus that seem forgotten at times. Whether it is due to lack of awareness, size of the group or complications with the systems in place meant to help them smoothly integrate into society. Numerous groups on campus have expressed frustrations as not enough diverse resources...

Chico Police Advisory Board discusses youth related issues

O'Brien spoke about finding the root of childhood delinquency in their family. Photo credit: Christian Solis

Christian Solis

October 20, 2017

The Police Community Advisory Board had an open discussion on community issues with the public Wednesday evening.The topic of discussion was youth related issues in the community. Police Chief Michael O'Brien opened the topic, emphasizing his belief in preventing problems before they occur by digging to ...

Blue Room Young Company performs ‘Dr. Doolittle Jr.’

The cast of Dr. Doolittle Jr. sing together to close out an act. Photo credit: Jae Siqueiros

Jae Siqueiros

September 27, 2016

      [masterslider id="6"] On Thursday, the Blue Room Young Theatre Group performed their highly anticipated musical “Dr. Doolittle Jr.” in Laxon Auditorium. "Dr. Doolittle Jr." tells the tale of a doctor who learns to talk to animals. Their adventures take them far...

Seeing past falsities of Reality TV

Kristina Martinez

March 3, 2014

From the Kardashians to Jersey Shore and Bad Girls Club, the world of reality television is steadily creeping its way into every aspect of human life. As technology changes, so does the quality of entertainment. Youth especially cultivate their lives around what social media and television tell them is ...

Capitalising on the invincibility of youth

Prin Mayowa

January 27, 2014

Young adulthood sneaks up on the youth of America. They may not know it, but upon entering this new age of independence one steps into a parallel universe bent on living another day to tell a new, more exciting story. That voice in the back of their head goes from sounding like their mother, to...

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