Editorial: Drop in holiday drunks

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Illustration by Liz Coffee

Illustration by Liz Coffee

Chico State has had a reputation as a party school for decades now. After this past school year the number of participants and arrests during drinking-related holidays appears to be decreasing.

While partying may seem like harmless fun to many students, it is a serious issue for many institutions and members of the community. And for good cause; there have been far too many drinking-related injuries and deaths in Chico.

The declining numbers are a result of the direct and concentrated efforts of university administrators, local police and even some students to subdue the pandemonium that comes with drinking-related holidays.

The decrease in party activity benefits the community and all parties responsible should be commended.

Last Labor Day saw a decrease in participants in the thousands. Increased law enforcement from 12 different agencies was cited as the reason for this decline in one of Chico’s most popular drinking holidays, as previously reported by The Orion.

This month, during Chico’s most recent drinking holiday, St. Patrick’s day, police noted that this year’s celebrating had mellowed, as reported by The Orion. 

The university’s move to have spring break fall on this holiday led to a smaller student population in Chico at the time and it was certainly a factor.

While the campus and the community should celebrate an apparent decrease in partying, it is important to understand that the problem isn’t solved. This semester has seen alcohol-related student deaths and reckless drinking still plagues this town.

The Chico community holds its collective breath as Cesar Chavez day approaches.

The university administration can continue to push safe celebrations but the responsibility is ultimately with the students.

A concentrated effort by the students to be more responsible and safe this Cesar Chavez day would be something worth celebrating.

Chico State’s reputation has been hurt time and time again by drinking-related deaths and students need to be the ones to take action.

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