Chapters uncover house letters after 4-month shutdown

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SuspensionPedro Quintana • Tyler McCune • Risa Johnson

Reinstated Greek chapters unveiled their house letters Friday, but social sororities have been denied permission to conduct sisterhood retreats off campus this semester after petitioning officials in the Student Life and Leadership office.

Chapters started recruiting Friday after agreeing to restrictions and guidelines set forth by the university.

<strong>Request denied</strong>

University officials decided not to go forward with the request for retreats, said CC Carter, director of Student Life and Leadership. The guidelines for re-recognition after the November social Greek system suspension stated there would not be any retreats.

Some guidelines restricted chapters from holding any formal events or participating in philanthropy and required them to attend mandatory meetings.

Greeks are allowed to conduct fundraisers on campus, said Malcolm McLemore, coordinator for Student Life and Leadership. Fundraisers can’t be multiple-day events and must be approved by Greek Life.

<strong>A new brotherhood</strong>

Monday morning marked the start of rush week for fraternity chapters.

McLemore announced changes to some of the re-instatement guidelines, allowing chapters to participate in community service and host fundraisers on campus with the approval of the university.

“We are here to help the community in the best way we can,” said Amber Speciale, Panhellenic vice president of public relations.

The Interfraternity Council wants to create a more positive impact by using community service before the suspension, Phi Kappa Tau President Zac McDonough said.

“We want to prove to the community we are worth keeping around,” he said.

Fraternity chapters donated their time to the Boys and Girls Club Sunday. More than 100 fraternity members volunteered.

Last week, two chapters were caught signing up potential recruits before rush week, breaking the rules set by Greek Life.

“If one chapter is caught, then we’re all caught,” McLemore said, addressing the Interfraternity Council presidents. “This is about self-governance and holding other chapters accountable of their actions.”

<strong>Greek unity</strong>

A number of fraternities and sororities unveiled their letters Friday after agreeing to new guidelines set by university administrators.

Greek organizations were suspended Nov. 15 because of multiple offenses including alcohol policy violations and hazing allegations.

Three fraternity chapters are still under investigation on the suspicion of hazing potential members. The chapters involved were Kappa Sigma, Phi Beta Sigma and Sigma Pi, said Connie Huyck, the Student Life and Leadership coordinator.

As part of the first steps of reinstatement, selected organizations received the privilege of recruitment and the right to display their letters on chapter houses.

The reinstatement is a huge responsibility, Theta Chi member Casey O’Connor said.

“We have to make sure to keep our good image,” he said.

Phi Delta Theta President Michael Barrett doesn’t see the new guidelines as too radical, he said. A lot of other universities have similar or stricter rules.

“I think they’re trying to increase the standards for what it means to be a chapter, as far as being a frat or sorority,” he said.

Barrett sees importance of “honest communication” in achieving the goals set.

“We’re going to be very open and up front,” he said. “This is our expectations, and this is how we will meet them. We are our brothers’ keepers.”

Chapters held an information night Monday in the Bell Memorial Union for potential members to learn more about the organizations, Phi Kappa Tau President Zac McDonough said.

“Every event this week will be dry. If we suspect anyone that is under the influence we will turn them away and call University Police Department to get them help,” McDonough said.

Sororities will begin their recruitment April 3 to 7, Speciale said. Potential members visit each house and meet members from different sorority chapters to decide what group best fits them.

All 10 interfraternity chapters will participate this week.

When the Greeks were reinstated they “decided to rush as soon as possible,” Interfraternity President Geo Stemrich said.

Chapters will be participating in the Commitment to Action forum in a few weeks to focus on working together with other student organizations to combat ways to address Chico’s drinking culture, he said.

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