Crazy Dog to stay

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Michelle Rich<br>Staff Writer

Students have been barking loudly over Chico State University officials’ attempt to relocate the Crazy Dog hot dog vendor, but students never got a chance to really sink their teeth in.

University administrators asked city officials to remove the item from the April 1 Chico City Council meeting agenda. Mayor Maureen Kirk announced the item’s removal at the beginning of the meeting.

Joe Wills, director of public affairs and publications, said the university was contacted by the Public Works Department office, and they were told the university’s proposition would not give university officials the authority to ask the vendor to move.

“When we found out that what we were asking the city to do wouldn’t give us the authority to ask Mr. Geiger to move, we said, ‘What’s the point?'” Wills said. “We have no other interest in this sidewalk other than being able to control its use.”

City attorney Dave Frank said if the abandonment of the sidewalk was approved, the city would have reserved the right to maintain the sidewalks. If the sidewalk was part of the city’s jurisdiction to allow pedestrian access, the hot dog cart vendor’s permit to operate there would still be valid.

“Merely abandoning that right of way would not prevent the use of that sidewalk by the hot dog vendor,” Frank said.

Wills said he thinks university officials will meet with Public Works officials to talk about what to do next.

Trish Dunlap, assistant city manager, said if it chose to do so the city would go through the process of public notification and hearings again.

John Geiger, the Crazy Dog’s owner, said he would like to thank the 2,500 people who signed his petition asking the city not to transfer control of the sidewalk where his cart is located.

Councilman Steve Bertagna said he wanted to know where the hot dogs were.

“I would have liked to have a hot dog,” Bertagna said.

Geiger said he will be selling Crazy Dogs on the corner of West First and Ivy streets Wednesday morning.

Councilwoman Coleen Jarvis asked people attending the meeting to stand up if they were there to support the hot dog cart. About 25 people stood up and trickled out of the council chambers.

Bob Ray, one of the Associated Students presidential candidates, wore his “save Crazy Dog” shirt to the meeting. He said he did not believe the university officials’ stated motivation for wanting to remove vendors from that section of sidewalk. Instead, he said the issue was raised at the request of the A.S.

“Students like Crazy Dog and I don’t think it’s right for the Associated Students and the university to get rid of something students like,” Ray said. “I’m just glad Crazy Dog is safe.”

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