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READERS, DIGEST: Blueberry tart with walnut crust

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Published 2013-05-01T06:00:00Z”/>


Alexandra Archuleta

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My mind has almost completely checked out for the summer.

My library study hours have been relocated to the Wildcat Recreation Center pool.

My desk has bags of Swedish Fish and bottles of tanning oil thrown over the books and pencils, and the snooze button on my alarm has been pushed far too many times.

Along with the current beautiful weather, I’m also enjoying the benefits of all the fresh produce available because of the season. With the return of the Thursday Night Market, in addition to the Chico Farmers Market on Saturday, I’m basking in the plentiful harvest our local farmers have turned out this season.

My absolute favorite thing to purchase at the market is berries. They’re little and sweet and such a treat to eat.

So when I had an itch to bake, I decided I’d incorporate my favorite fresh treats.

I found a recipe for a blueberry tart with walnut crust. It’s something you can prepare ahead for a barbecue or just make for fun.

It’s sweet, fresh and it looks mouthwatering. Come on, look at that picture. The tart’s rustic look is sure to impress your friends or family, but don’t be fooled by how pretty it looks. This dessert is super simple to make.

It’s also a low-fat recipe, so don’t worry too much about enjoying some dessert during bathing suit season.

Get out there and support your local farmers by trying this recipe. This is a summer treat that’s sure to make a splash.

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      READERS, DIGEST: Blueberry tart with walnut crust