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WREC needs to clean up facility, procedures

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Published 2011-03-29T17:08:00Z”/>


Joanna Hass

It’s big, beautiful and blah, blah, blah. But with winter in the middle of a long tearful goodbye, bikini season has us all in the crosshairs, so let me be the first to end this love affair we’re having with the Wildcat Recreation Center.

An accessible workout facility located on campus is something Chico State should have had for a long time now. However, for whatever reason, it took this long for us to get, which makes us the first generation of students to benefit from it. As a participating member of students who utilize the gym, it’s obvious there are some details that could use ironing out.

Wiping down a machine puts the dumb in dumbbell. The current system of mopping up pools of sweat or disinfecting for germs makes no sense.

Bacteria is bad. Slipping off a machine because the last person apparently has a gland problem is even worse. But there is nothing worse than picking up a sopping wet towel to wipe down your machine. All of a sudden, your hand is now covered in germs from countless people who came before you. The system is biased too.

Everything needs disinfecting at the gym. Let’s face it. We’re disgusting and we have no problem sharing that with everyone in town. Free weights, basketballs and mats are neglected even though they need disinfecting the most. Meanwhile, the minute I don’t towel off the two square inches of treadmill my hands touched, I get a thousand dirty stares from every direction.

What we need are disinfectant wipes instead of bleaching the same hand towels over and over again and putting spray bottles full of mystery cleaner in the places they’re needed the least.

Beyond the concerns of sanitation and judgment at the gym, there is the big issue with scheduling.

The users of the WREC are students. Students who have 15 units, a part-time job, an internship and a personal life. Why then is it so hard to make a workout schedule which provides options for those students and stick with it for more than a week at a time?

After setting a time in my schedule specifically for a spin class and doing my part by getting there on time I still can’t seem to get it right and it can’t just be me.

I do my best by checking the schedule frequently and trying to find a way to fit my favorite way to sweat after work and school – which usually doesn’t happen due to the erratic hours of the WREC – but it’s getting to the point when you almost have to check the website every day.

How can anyone live out their “Biggest Loser” guilt trip when getting a steady weekly workout schedule is about as impossible to obtain as Jillian Michaels’ abs?

The WREC is also seasonally overpopulated. Fall semester starts out swarming with students when we all get back to Chico and realize how lazy we were over the summer. As the food-centered holidays increase attendance seems to have a negative correlation. The spring semester is the exact opposite. Every day closer to our rendezvous with Labor Day floating there are more and more students lining up to occupy your favorite machine. The same goes with basketball season. I can’t wait for March Madness to be over so I can just shoot a few hoops again. Every bro on campus thinks they’re LeBron James once they submit their brackets on

The WREC even invented a crude limit system that requires you to arrive half an hour before popular classes if you really want a spot – no matter the simple solution would be to hire more than their three-or-so currently employed instructors who happen to have the worst schedules ever.

Working out isn’t easy but neither should be recognizing these issues with the WREC.

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      WREC needs to clean up facility, procedures