Spring break options for students

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Stephanie Consiglio

With fewer than 20 days until spring break, many students are looking for activities to get involved with during the break. Activities such as surf trips, raft-guiding school and bartending school will certainly help keep this year’s week-long party a vacation worth remembering. Here is a guide for those still pondering what to do in March.

Party in Havasu

For students who are interested in making their spring vacation one big party, Summer Winter Action Tours is the program to sign up for, said Bobby Bellucci, a junior business administration major.

A charter bus picks up 200 or more students and drives 12 hours to Lake Havasu City, Ariz., Bellucci said.

Students can take the bus or they can drive themselves, but the bus is where most people start their spring break.

“The bus is one of the most fun parts of the trip,” Bellucci said. “You get to meet all the new people and you can start early with the party.”

The trip includes three nights at hotels, which are beach front, he said. Students can also stay closer to the clubs and take a transit bus to the beach.

Bands play nonstop throughout the day and there’s a night rave, he said. Activities such as paddleboarding, beach games and jet skis are also available to rent.

The Bartending College

Students who want to take a break from drinking but still be involved in a party scene can attend The Bartending College in Sacramento and be a certified bartender in a week.

Katrina Rodriguez, a senior communications design major, is taking advantage of her spring break to become a bartender.

“My old roommate did it in San Francisco and ever since then I have wanted to do it,” she said. “You can make lots of tips and guys are always nice to girls. They will definitely tip you.”

Students will get to work with professional bartenders and this is a way to find a job in the future, director of the college Bob Martin said.

The training teaches students more than 200 drinks, but they must be 21, Martin said.

“I think it will be a great way for students to make a lot of quick money, meet new people and have fun,” Rodriguez said.

Surf and ski trips

There are three trips planned through Associated Students Adventure Outings, which include skiing at Donner Summit, surfing in Santa Cruz and a raft guide school, said Ann Marie Hingley, assistant director for outdoor programs.

Students are encouraged to sign up early for the pre-trip meetings, she said.

Spring break is the best time to go away for a little bit and get rid of all the stress from school.

“I love getting outdoors and being out in nature,” Hingley said. “It’s peaceful and beautiful and a good break from life.”

Raft-guiding school

There are trips offered for everyone with a huge range of price and activities, Hingley said.

The rafting-guide school is skill-focused, where students can gain new skills and experience, she said. Students can also use this to get a summer job or open doors for a full-time job around the world.

“It’s something that students can do besides partying,” Hingley said. “It’s another way they can connect to other parts of campus and meet new people.”

Building a home

Students who like to spend time giving back can sign up to help build a family’s house through the Community Action Volunteers in Education organization.

Volunteers will be doing various construction projects from pouring concrete to framing houses down south in Lynwood, Calif., near Los Angeles, said Hannah Murphy, alternative spring break coordinator.

Supervisors from the Habitat for Humanity Club will help the group build the house, CAVE outreach manager Elisa Trimboli said.

It is a good opportunity because it is a whole week-long trip during the school year where most of the time students only get to volunteer for an hour, she said.

“You’re not thinking about anything else,” Murphy said. “You don’t have an essay due the next day, it’s literally a whole week off away from school, and you get to volunteer,”

Spring break inspires Trimboli to make a difference in the world, she siad.

“It’s a very motivating week,” Trimboli said. “I always come back like I’m going to change the world.”

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