2001 | New parking structure receives required funding

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Looking Back

<strong>THEN</strong>: <em>Jan. 31, 2001</em>

<strong>”Parking problems cost students time, money.”</strong>

The idea of building a new parking structure was also present in 2001, but the amount of funds necessary for the project were unavailable, according to the Orion article.

Construction for a new building couldn’t begin until there was enough revenue in Chico State’s parking fund to buy land. The money going into the fund was generated from sold parking passes, but that revenue stream did not create a sufficient amount of funds.

Administration had an idea of where the parking garage might be  – the parking lot directly across the street from Madison Bear Garden on West Second and Salem streets  – but a timetable for acquiring the funds was unforeseen.

The demand for parking spots was said to be a result of an increase in enrollment, but enrollment had decreased from 2000. Even with about 300 fewer students during the spring 2001 semester, parking spaces were limited.

The hassle of finding a spot before class led to illegal parking. University Police said the amount of parking tickets issued could be a result of confusing signs.

<strong>NOW</strong>: The problem of poor parking may be coming to an end. The necessary funds to build a second parking structure have come from various campus sources, including the university’s parking fund that has been accumulating for years, according to Chico State’s facilities planning website.

Renderings of the new parking facility show offices on the first floor, which would be the new headquarters for University Police, and solar panels on top of the four-story structure.

The project will be under consideration by the CSU board of trustees next month, said Joe Wills, director of public affairs. If approved, the first stage will be to clear the site for construction, which would begin later this year. The lot will be located on Second Street, between Normal and Chestnut Streets, and will hold approximately 330 parking spaces.

In addition to extra parking, construction plans will include new bike lanes, as well as a wider sidewalk to accommodate commuting students and staff who prefer more environmentally

safe transit.

Although parking is an ongoing problem, some students oppose the building of a new structure due to issues with sustainability, Wills said. Nevertheless, the university has decided to continue pushing the project forward with hopes of accommodating the students, faculty and guests who drive to campus.

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<em>-Compiled by Griffin Rogers</em>


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