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Zombie tag war brings new life to community

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Published 2012-04-30T18:30:00Z”/>


Campus Spotlight

Humans vs. Zombies, a campuswide game of tag, marked its third year at Chico State last week.

The game, which features untagged humans wearing arm bandanas fleeing and hiding from previously tagged zombies wearing head bandanas, is a great way to destress in between classes and work, said game moderator Eric Fernald, a junior applied computer graphics major.

<strong>The Orion</strong>: What’s the biggest challenge you face when putting on an event as big as Humans vs. Zombies?

<strong>Eric Fernald</strong>: It takes a lot of work to plan out all the missions and get all the waivers and headbands made.

<strong>The Orion</strong>: The game has faced judgment from people annoyed by students running around a college campus playing tag. How do you deal with that?

<strong>Fernald</strong>: Any negative judgment we receive we just respond by saying, “Don’t knock it till you try it.” If players have issues we take it into consideration to try and make the game better.

<strong>The Orion</strong>: Do you think players have a reputation on campus?

<strong>Fernald</strong>: We’re the people who run around once a semester throwing socks at each other and having a great time.

<strong>The Orion</strong>: How do you handle the lack of funding?

<strong>Fernald</strong>: The moderators, like myself, fund it out of their own pockets. It only takes about $100 to put on a game like this, but that money only comes from three or four of us.

<strong>The Orion</strong>: What do you spend the $100 on?

<strong>Fernald</strong>: That money is spent on paper and ink for printing out fliers and the bandanas themselves.

<strong>The Orion</strong>: Would you want to be recognized officially by the university as an organization? Why or why not?

<strong>Fernald</strong>: We were recognized for a while as a club, but unfortunately, that fell through. I would like to be recognized as a club once more, so we can actually start getting some funding from the school.

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<em>-Compiled by Lexi Brister</em>

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      Zombie tag war brings new life to community