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Sex Columnist: Safe sext

Published 2011-01-25T22:24:00Z”/>


Lexi Brister

Welcome to the new year, a new semester and a new sex columnist.

My name is Lexi, and I’m starting this semester with a subject that closely follows current trends.

With all of the available options for technological socializing in 2011, even intimacy has gone digital – something I, for one, take full advantage of.

Dating can occur entirely online, and sex can now be conducted via text message, also known as “sexting.”

There are social networking sites like Facebook, where you can connect online with people you know or meet someone new. Then there’s always the option of chat rooms, most of which allow video chatting via webcams.

Whether you’re an experienced pro or a sexual rookie, you can find a form of electronic love that satisfies your needs.

One caution is to always be mindful of the possibility that whoever you choose to share your cyber relations with could publish them on the Web in a matter of seconds, so it’s a good idea to be picky about who you trust.

No matter what, I recommend cropping your face out when sending photos. Your lover will be able to tell it’s you, but should it find its way to the viral hall of shame, no one else will.

Because of the long-distance nature of my current relationship, I do consider myself a sexting pro. In fact, I was the one who convinced my boyfriend it would be a good way to maintain our intimate connection while living thousands of miles apart.

The sexts my boyfriend and I exchange can consist of anything from reliving nights we’ve spent together, to a detailed description of nights we plan to have, to explicit photos of ourselves.

This isn’t just for the spatially challenged, though. Sexting can be a fun way to spice things up with your partner even if you live together.

If you’re single, sexting allows for a great way to have some personal private time without overloading your computer with porn that you’ll probably have to go back and delete later.

Another plus for the singles is that sexting and other forms of digital intimacy, while plenty fun and exciting, eliminate potential health risks like pregnancy and STI’s. They also give you the opportunity to get to know someone’s sexual style before actually having sex.

If you feel like you’re not very well-versed in the language of the libido but a raunchy digital chat sounds like fun, it’s a good way to get experience.

A simple “I want you” will usually get the creative juices flowing. Then, if you have to lead the way, try simply describing the first image of them that comes to your mind.

If you’re brave and want a really fun experience, try steaming things up in a video chat. A favorite venue is Skype, but there’s also Yahoo! Messenger and websites like

Another new website for connecting with potential lovers online is Designed specifically for college students, this site allows you to select your university and post messages about someone you might have seen and want to meet.

I recommend taking full advantage of all that the new year has to offer and feeding all your hi-tech tendencies.

Lexi Brister can be reached at

[email protected]


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