3 ways to have a fun, productive summer

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Marty Salgado

When summer comes around, it can be tough to stick to all things you said you were going to do while agonizing over a grueling finals paper.

Then, when fall rolls around again, you see the unread books you bought to enjoy under the sun and the new recipes you were going to try.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get to everything you wanted to do during the summer. Your main concern is to just relax and have fun.

Here are some suggestions to have a fun but productive summer.

<strong>1. Read a book</strong>

Choose one book that’s easy or challenging to read for the summer. Sometimes if a book starts off slow, it’s a good idea to get through as much as you can and then put it down until next time.

Perhaps you should set a goal of how many chapters you want to read by the end of the week. Another way to make reading interesting during the summertime is to blog about it. There are many social media sites where you can blog about your experience and thoughts on the book you are reading. This is a fun way to write about your summer and be engaged with your reading.

<strong>2. Do something you’ve never done before</strong>

Friends and acquaintances come in handy if you are feeling bored during the summer. We all have different people in our lives that are interested in different things. My suggestion is to do some unfamiliar things with them. If you’ve never been camping, but your friends have, ask them to take you for a weekend. Think of something your friends do that you have never experienced and ask to tag along. When you accomplish this, you could gain a great new experience and perhaps a brand new hobby.

<strong>3. Do something alone</strong>

Along with doing something you’ve never done before, I highly suggest doing or going somewhere alone. Doing something alone is invigorating for anybody whether you are an introvert or extrovert. Go somewhere you would only go with friends, but go alone. Go to a movie or a restaurant. Embrace the time for yourself and learn to be OK with being alone. This is probably the most challenging piece of advice, but is the most productive for your soul.

Thank you for reading my past columns this semester and taking my advice when you needed it. I wish all of my peers luck on their journey as a Wildcat. Have a great summer, Wildcats, and remember your main goal for the next three months should just be to relax.


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