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Savvy Saving: Dress-up

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Samantha Youngman

I never decide on a Halloween costume until the very last minute.

One year, I ran to a Spirit Halloween store the day before the holiday and found a blond wig, a sequined dress and gloves. I went as Lady Gaga. I loved that costume, but it wasn’t cheap.

If I had planned ahead, I could have visited one of the many discount stores in Chico. The Dollar Tree, Thrift Queen and Ross are perfect places to shop for Halloween costumes.

People get caught up in the overpriced, classic sexy nurse, cop or witch costumes and overlook alternative inexpensive Halloween costumes that are more original and impressive anyway.

Cheap and creative

1. Grapes: Blow up green or purple balloons, and safety pin them to green or purple clothing.

2. Pull toy: Wear roller blades and attach a rope around your waist.

3. Melted Snowman: Cover yourself in water and carry a carrot, scarf, buttons and two sticks.

4. Work of art: Carry a frame. For a more recognizable costume, dress as a subject of a famous piece of art like the Mona Lisa.

5. Job seeker: Not a costume for college seniors, but dress nicely and carry resumes. Maybe you’ll run into Bernie Madoff.

Hip and frugal

1. A recyclable: Wear a trash bag with empty bottles and cans trailing off of you. For a step up, be compostable and exchange the bottles and cans for banana peels and apple cores.

2. Katniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games”: You just need a braid, boots and cargo pants. Oh, and a bow and arrow.

3. Political figures: Mimic who you are voting for or mock the one you’re not.

4. Olympic athletes: Michael Phelps. No shirt required. Please?

5. PSY aka Gangnam Style: Blue tux, bow tie, dark sunglasses and your best dance moves are all you need for this one.

Plan ahead, go for discounts and make this year’s spending a little less scary.

What are your ways to save? Let us know.

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      Savvy Saving: Dress-up